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Jaycee Dugard: Media Funds Phillip Garrido’s Bail

jaycee-garrido1JAYCEE Dugard continues to interests the media, and the media continues its campaign to make the kidnap and rape of a child even worse. The National Enquirer brings news that Nancy Garrido is:


Readers learn that “lawmen say the 54-year-old woman is really Garrido’s evil EQUAL and partner-in-crime…

FBI agent Ted Gunderson (retired) has the facts:

“I think we’ll learn that Nancy Garrido was up to her eyeballs in this kidnapping, prolonged torture and rape of Jaycee and possibly even Jaycee’s daughters.”

Well, you’re the expert, Ted:

“She may be involved in even more unimaginable and cruel crimes.”

What, worse than the kidnap and rape of a child, who was then forced to bears her rapist’s children? Got any details, for research puposes..?

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Posted: 15th, September 2009 | In: Key Posts, Reviews | Comment