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Tabloids Use Thushara Kamaleswaran To Demonise Blacks, Youth And Tories

THUSHARA Kamaleswaran has been shot in the chest by what the Mail says are villains “believed to be members of opposing black gangs.” And 35-year-old Roshan Selvakumar, was shot in the face by the youths who fired into the shop in Stockwell, South London.

Miss Kamaleswaran is 5 years old. As one Anorak reader notes, for a non-blonde, non-white victim to feature on the cover of the Mail, she needs to be either very young or very famous. Or else the perpetrators need to be black.

The Sun sums up what happened:

CCTV footage from a nearby shop showed the two intended victims milling around the food and wine store. Occasionally, they went out into the street and walked up and down. Three minutes before the attack one of the thugs – in a dark hoodie – rolls past on a metal-coloured bike. The intended victims left the scene, only to return being chased by the gang.

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