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Meet The Sandercocks: Roni, Roxy, Wayne, Rain, Italy And Shakur

FAMILY of the day are the Sandercocks, of Southway, Plymouth. The papers are full of how they are on benefits and are in want of a bigger home. But it’s the name of Jenna and Wayne’s six children that gel.

They are:
Shakur, 7
Wayne, 4
Roni, 2 weeks
Roxy, 2 weeks
Rain, 2,
Italy, 5

Shakur is name after US rapper Tupac Shakur
Roni and Roxy are named after the Mitchell sisters in EastEnders
Wayne is named after US trapper Lil’ Wayne
Rain is named after Richard Pryor’s daughter
Italy is named after rapper Master P’s daughter

It’s all good stuff.

And Anorak has a plan to get them off benefits.

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Posted: 24th, September 2010 | In: Reviews | Comments (3)