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“Thanks for all the LOLz”: Creators of the “Texts from Hillary” internet sensation bow out

“THANKS for all the LOLz. We truly appreciate all the support.”

The founders of the “Texts from Hillary” Tumblr, Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, have decided to bow out at their peak, reached just days after they launched their parody blog. It uses photographs of Clinton aboard a military transport plane flying to Libya in October. Wearing large sunglasses and texting on her Blackberry, Clinton is surrounded by staff and briefing papers. The images of her are paired with photographs of other politicians and celebrities and captioned with witty missives and text speak.

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Shit patronising bloggers say about Shit Girls Say

BY NOW, the pattern of internet sensations – how they take off and the mixed reactions they provoke – is so familiar it seems to follow a ready-made script. A YouTube video, Twitter account or catch-phrase is launched. It spreads via blogs and social networking sites, provokes a blend of amusement and offense, and inspires spin-offs and theories about how internet memes are spawned and why. As the phenomenon goes viral, its progenitors are courted by the media. Sometimes they even get a book deal or are asked to produce a sitcom. The meme eventually fades, giving way to the next online sensation.

Similarly, the latest meme, “Shit Girls Say, had a rapid rise on the internet and caused both hilarity and consternation. Some commentators are apparently worried that the millions of people who are viewing, laughing at and re-posting the original “Shit Girls Say” videos and their many spin-offs are doing so for all the wrong reasons. While they totally get it, they say, other, less enlightened, internet-users may not – and so the meme must die.

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