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Dad Pulls Gun At Party When Children Don’t Get Ice-Cream And Cake

JOSEPH Hayes is Our Dad Of The Year. When his children were given neither cake NOR ice cream at a South Memphis party, he pulled out a gun.

Police are called. You might expect the cops to by sympathetic to people being deprived of sugary product. But they arrest Hayes. The police reports says Hayes became upset and began yelling at the victim becauseY’all didn’t save my kids no damn ice cream and cake.”

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Baby Catches Bullet In Her Nappy

TO a church in Memphis, Tennessee, where a mother finds a bullet in her baby’s nappy:

Call it a New Year’s miracle or just good luck. A baby girl is doing fine after a stray bullet landed in her diaper on New Year’s.

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Police Blog: Memphis Cops Find Themselves

HAVE you been critical of the Memphis police department?

Bloggers have been. Bloggers set up a site called MPD Enforcer. How very dare they? If anyone is to police the police it should be the police. We can’t just have anyone telling the police what kind of a job they are doing.

Who then can check their work? The police? They would be the best equipped. It’s pretty clear you should require a licence of some kind to police the police. The police could provide the licence and do background checks on any applicants.

First the Memphis police should locate the bloggers. They produce a law suit. The police maintain that the bloggers’ site features a picture of an undercover officer. For anyone who missed it, a picture of the same officer features on the, er, police department web site.


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