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1982: When Michael Fagan met the Queen in her bedroom and urinated on the corgi food

MICHAEL FAGAN IN LONDON TODAY WHEN HE WAS PLACED ON PROBATION FOR THREE YEARS FOR ASSALUTING THREE POLICEMEN AND USING THREATENING BEHAVIOUR. FAGAN, 32, AN UNEMPLOYED PAINTER FROM HOLOWAY, LONDON, APPEARED AT HIGHBURY CORNER MAGISTRATES COURT FOR SENTENCING AFTER ADMITTING THE OFFENCES AT AN EARLIER HEARING. More than 6,000 mentally disturbed people have written to or visited royal palaces since 1993, according to a report published 9/6/99. Fagan broke into the Queen's bedroom at Buckingham Palace in 1982. 22/06/03 Experts were, baffled by how a man managed to evade a tight police cordon and allegedly climb on to the stage at Prince William s 21st birthday party last night as he was making a speech.    06/05/04: Michael Fagan, who broke into the Queen's bedroom at Buckingham Palace in March 1982 - she woke to find him sitting on her bed. A major review of security surrounding the royal family is being published later Thursday May 6, 2004. The report by the independent security commission comes after Daily Mirror journalist Ryan Parry got a job as a footman at Buckingham Palace ahead of George Bush's state visit last year, and is expected to call for tougher vetting of potential employees.

MICHAEL Fagan spent 10 minutes of 1982 talking to the Queen, who was in bed, after he climbed Buckingham Palace walls and up a drainpipe. It was the second time he’d broken into the Palace in a month.

He says of the latest incident of intruders in the Palace:

“I am really quite shocked after all that’s gone on, terrorist wise, that he could get in that easily. Security must have been pretty lax. I think there’s got to be some questions asked. It’s ridiculous. I think this time the Home Secretary should resign, no doubt about it, because he didn’t resign for me when I did it. But this time it’s deathly. Bombs going off everywhere and someone got that far, come on! We were told security was tightened after I got in.”

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