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Julian Assange Shagged My Girlfriend: Wikileaks, Michael Hutchence And HIV

JULIAN Assange: More threads of the rape allegations made against him by two Swedish woman are emerging. Should there be a trial, then all the details will be made public. This is Wikileaks – transparency is all, right?

David Rose thinks so. He’s the Daily Mail writer who brings the world:

The wildly promiscuous lifestyle of WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange: Look away now Jemima as our report reveals the sordid truth

Jemima is Jemima Khan, who bought her way into the Wikileaks story by posting part of Assange’s bail, grandstanding on the court steps and then wring about it in the Guardian. This is Jemima Khan, daughter to the late Sir James Goldsmith, the three-time married multi-millionaire who married his mistress. Don’t bother to look away, Jemima, there’s nothing to shock you here.

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