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Sony Turns Michael Jackson’s O2 Rehearsal Into His Death Film

7107360MICHAEL Jackson Watch: AEG sells rights to Jackson’s rehearsal footage to Sony for $50million – and so the film of the death of Michael Jackson is being made. As Anorak predicted, the shows goes on.

Our Rat high in the Hollywood Hills has more on the show that will be surely billed not as a money making blockbuster, rather as a  tribute – always the tributes:

It seems like Michael Jackson’s death has single-handedly turned around the Los Angeles economy.

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Michael Jackson: Jermaine Jackson Says Dr Conrad Murray Is No Doctor

7544167MICHAEL Jackson Watch: YOU’VE heard from Officer La Toya Jackson of the Michael Jackson home-icide squad and glee club; you’ve heard Tito Jackson assure the Jackson Three that Michael is their daddy (or not); now listen up as Big Brother housemate emeritus Jermaine Jackson tells all.

With so many Jackson bairns, Michael Jackson will not much rest in pace but be forever ensconced in a vacuum of chatter.

In “DOC SHOULD HAVE SAVED MY BRO” Jermaine Jackson pulls on a medical coat and gives a second opinion on the many opinions thus far:

Tearful Jermaine, 54, asked of Dr Conrad Murray: “If he’s a doctor, why is Michael dead?”

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Michael Jackson Planned Amy Winehouse Duet

3061899MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson’s duet with Amy Winehouse, his London tribute to Peter Doherty, and police hunt for Brit in London – Britney Spears? 

Star On Sunday: “Jacko Cops hunt Brit”

Brit? Britney! Britney Spears?!

AMERICAN police were targeting London last night in a bid to solve the riddle of Michael Jackson’s death.

London, Britney’s tamed Yorkshire terrier?

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department are ready to spend six months hunting down the doctors who kept the star pumped full of dodgy medication over the last 25 years.

And how do Britney Spears and London Spears fit in with this?

They are especially keen to question people close to Jackson when he was “spaced out” and “stumbling” while staying at the Lanesborough Hotel near London’s Hyde Park last March.

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Tito Jackson Proves Michael Jackson’s Children Are His

7544071MICHAEL Jackson Watch: In which Michael Jackson’sn bother Tito proves Paris, Prince and Blanket are Jacko’s, Jackson danced for hours non-stop and murder…

Daily Mirror: “THE KIDS ARE JACKO’S”

It’s another exclusive by Oddjob wannabe Tito Jackson.

Michael Jackson is the father of his children – and Blanket is just like him, says Tito Jackson

Martin Fricker reports the facts. Tito Jackson knows. If you can’t trust a man in a bowler hat, who can you trust, Mr Bingley?

Tito Jackson insisted yesterday there is one simple test that proves his brother Michael is truly the biological father of his children.

Ask all the other men in the world? Ask Jeremy Kyle? What?

All the doubters have to do to see the likeness is look into their eyes – especially those of Jacko’s youngest Blanket. Tito said: “They are all his children. Blanket is Michael’s, I can tell. Those eyes don’t lie. Them eyes are Michael over again. I see a lot of Michael in him.”

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Michael Jackson’s Nose Is Missing

jackson-noseMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Jackson “molested at least ten boys”, will be buried without his brain, and rumours that his nose is missing.

NOTW: Michael Jackson locked boys in his bedroom and fed wine from babies’ bottles

MICHAEL Jackson’s former housekeeper today reveals how the star would lock boys in his bedroom for days, plying them with booze before sexually abusing them.

Adrian McManus also told the News of the World he even issued veiled DEATH THREATS to his staff to STOP them telling cops about it.

Adrian McManus..? Oh her:

Under cross-examination she said she had lied in a 1993 court deposition when she reported she had not seen any inappropriate behaviour by Mr Jackson at Neverland. She claimed Mr Jackson threatened to report her to her superiors.

Defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau pointed out Ms McManus was part of the lawsuit filed against Mr Jackson for unlawful dismissal, which was thrown out for being fraudulent and malicious.

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First Picture Of Michael Jackson In His Coffin

OK! magazine paid $500,000 for a picture of Michael Jackson dying – a picture captioned – get this – “IN LOVING MEMORY“. Now Anorak brings you a  picture of Jackson in a coffin.


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