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Michael Jackson’s Nose Is Missing

jackson-noseMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Jackson “molested at least ten boys”, will be buried without his brain, and rumours that his nose is missing.

NOTW: Michael Jackson locked boys in his bedroom and fed wine from babies’ bottles

MICHAEL Jackson’s former housekeeper today reveals how the star would lock boys in his bedroom for days, plying them with booze before sexually abusing them.

Adrian McManus also told the News of the World he even issued veiled DEATH THREATS to his staff to STOP them telling cops about it.

Adrian McManus..? Oh her:

Under cross-examination she said she had lied in a 1993 court deposition when she reported she had not seen any inappropriate behaviour by Mr Jackson at Neverland. She claimed Mr Jackson threatened to report her to her superiors.

Defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau pointed out Ms McManus was part of the lawsuit filed against Mr Jackson for unlawful dismissal, which was thrown out for being fraudulent and malicious.

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Michael Jackson Memorial Tattoos: Gallery

jodie_marsh-jacksonMICHAEL Jackson is dead. But Michael Jackson lives on on buttocks, arms, breasts, Jodie Marsh and, in time, a laser surgery. Anorak presents The Michael Jackson Memorial Tattoo Gallery:

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