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Michael Jackson Didn’t Speak For A Month Before He Died

michael-jackson-on-stage-making-speech-at-his-fan-club-party-at-the-equinox-club-leicester-square-half-lengthMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Want to know what Michael Jackson’s last words were?

The Daily Star knows. The Daily Star was there. The Daily Star is OK!’s more uprmarket sister organ; and it was OK! that brought readers a picture of Jackson breathing his last, a shot for which it selflessly paid out $500,000. Only OK! cared enough to equip a picture of a dying man with the legend “IN LOVING MEMORY”.

Jackson was, of course, a great dad/ paedo/ entertainer/ joker / table-tennis player so let’s play along. Can you guess what Wako Jacko/ The King of Pop / The paedo gay tranny nutter’s last word’s were?

a) Maddie
b) Bubblezzzzz
c) Kiss me Lawrence
d) I foresee a great funeral contest over me
e) I am still alive!
f) Anorak. Old father.
g) It is one giant weep for one, and one giant weep for mankind

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Posted: 14th, July 2009 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts | Comments (14)