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Michael Jackson Pollutes Officer La Toya’s Crime Scene With Sulphur Hexafluoride

6008470DID you know that Michael Jackson “didn’t like Pepsi”; that he had a deep voice; and that Officer La Toya Jackson takes care with her plate?

You know Pepsi, the one who held Shirley back? And not only that, but Jackson didn’t like the the drinks brand called Pepsi, the one he worked for when his hair caught fire, the treatment for which, as popular conjecture goes, began his descent into the drug abuse that finally killed him.

Well, story goes that Jackson was not all that keen on Pepsi Cola. What are the odds?

I hate Pepsi. I hated doing that dumb commercial,” Jackson reportedly said during a taped interview with the ghost writer of his autobiography Moonwalk.

“The only thing I liked about it was working with the children.”

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