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Celebrity Big Brother: Natalie Cassidy and Michael Madsen star in Reservoir Dogs 2

CELEBRITY Big Brother highlight of the night: Natalie Cassidy sucks up to Michael Madsen,the actor whose career walked out the Reservoir Dogs premiere and slipped on a banana skin, (Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home), skidded on a turd (Species 2), fell belly first off a high diving board (Kill Bill: Vol 2) and landed face first in a custard pie (Piranhaconda, which, like Reservoir Dogs, has yet to have a sequel). Says Cassidy:

“I’d like to do a gritty drama with you, Michael. You’ve not seen my body of work.”

A body of wok that includes: EastEnders, followed by (sliiiiiiip!) Celebrity Driving School, Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up, Natalie Cassidy’s Diet Secrets (Shhh!), Celebrity Mastermind and Strictly Come Dancing.

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Gumball 3000 Rally In Pictures: A Carnival Of Wealth

THE Gumball 3000 rally kicked off in London. The rich, famous, rich, sort-of-famous, rich and did we mention the rich all drive their cars from London to New York. The Iceland volcano will not win. Well, not really. You drive to Stockholm and then get a plane to Boston. Jade Jagger’s Jezebel was on the starting grid in Pall Mall. Also there was organiser Maximillion Cooper, Xzibit, Eve Jihan Jeffers, Michael Madsen and… Did we mention loads rich kids in expensive cars?


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Jade Jagger (left) and Eve before the start of the Gumball 3000 Rally, which finishes in New York on the 7th May, on the Mall in London.

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Who Is Hofit Golan? A Study In Pictures

WHO is Hofit Holan? The Gumball 3000 Rally kicked off with a party at the Crypt in central London. Michael Madsen, Tony Hawk, rapper Eve and the ubiquitous Hofit Golan were there. Who is Hofit Golan? And why she is every party and opening? Golan isIsrael’s answer to Paris Hilton or the Geldof girls“. Others have asked: “In the past we’ve tried to figure out who Hofit Golan is.” And:

According to the trusty Internet search, she’s an Israeli socialite. According to her commenting fans, she’s “stunning and a TV presenter and spokes model [sic]” who “looks classy and sexy.”

She seems to be pals with Tamara Ecclestone, a woman the colour of a hot night on the tiles. Who is she? Pictures to help you to decide…


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Hofit Golan arrives for the screening of 'Ocean's Thirteen' during the 60th annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. Picture date: Thursday 24 May 2007. Photo credit should read: Ian West/PA Wire

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