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Michael Owen’s Dubai Tourist Board video best thing you’ll see all day

Former Liverpool, Newcastle and England striker stars in this video for the Dubai Tourist Board. It is the best thing you’ll see all day.


Spotter: SportingAwayDays

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Liverpool Balls: Balotelli Is The ‘Great’ Who Changed Michael Owen’s Tune

MICHAEL Owen is talking about Liverpool FC striker Mario Balotelli.

Today Owen tells Daily Telegraph readers:

Brendan Rodgers will probably never admit it publicly, but he must already be considering alternatives as he looks for strikers more suited to his style of play… I felt when he joined he was not a ‘Liverpool type’ player, and have not changed my mind…

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Liverpool Balls: The Most Inane Michael Owen Commentary Quotes On BT Sports

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OVER on Pies, you can read the Top 12 Most Inane Commentary Comments from former Liverpool striker Michael Owen.

The collective sigh of a nation was palpable when BT Sports announced that Michael Owen was joining their team in co-commentator capacity at the beginning of the season, as subscribers suddenly realised that they were in for at least a season’s worth of beige footballing clichés and banal, perfunctory observations from a man who more or less talks in binary code.

Lo and behold, L’il Mike didn’t let anybody down, causing many a BT Sport viewer to suffer catatonic nervous meltdowns with his colourless delivery and 2D insight.

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Liverpool Legend Michael Owen Talks To Us About His Picture Frames


IN case you missed it, the Daily Mail produced an “exclusive” account of Michael Owen’s life. The former Liverpool and England player is mesmeric in his dullness. Highlights are:

‘”I was never really one for having my house adorned with all my memorabilia. I had it all put away. I never wanted to put them up while I was playing in case something miraculous happened and I won another FA Cup or something, but now I’ve finished and I’m getting them all together. I know the number of caps and shirts and I’m framing the special ones. I’ve got a set number of frames and I’m going through in order, with my different debuts and the shirts from every cup final, England-Argentina in the World Cup and when I scored the winner for Manchester United against City. About 15 definitely need to go in, and if there’s room for more I’ll decide what goes in.”

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Brazil v England: the ten most interesting encounters

WITH the renovated Maracanã stadium reduced to well under half its previous capacity, and finally ruled safe for England’s match against Brazil – and with the record standing at 11 wins for Brazil, four for England, and nine draws – we look back at ten of the most interesting encounters…

1956: England 4-2 Brazil

Hungary may have thrashed England 6-3 and 7-1 a few years earlier, and England may have been unceremoniously dumped out of the 1954 World cup by the USA, but as far as most people were concerned, the Empire Stadium at Wembley was still the home of football.

This was Stanley Matthews’s day, and his domination of the legendary full-back Nilton Santos was probably the deciding factor in winning him the first Ballon d’Or. A notable achievement in itself, and even more so when one considers that he was 41 years old.

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Big shot Michael Owen delivers Championship football to Manchester United

MICHAEL Owen plays for Manchester United. But they have no use for him, so he’s off. But where to? Says Owen on twitter:

“Not being disrespectful when I say I wouldn’t play in the Championship. Always said I wouldn’t drop down the leagues like some have done.  After playing for Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle, Man Utd and England, I don’t think I would enjoy that football.

“I know I can still bang them in at the top level. I proved that nearly every time I played for Manchester United.”

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