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Michael Parkinson Savages Russell Brand: Well, He’s No Billy Connolly

MICHAEL Parkinson says Russell Brand is “Talentless, unfunny and lucky to be famous”. Well, Brand never did get to flick back his hair, stroke his beard and go on Parky’s chatshow, like, say, Billy Connolly did time and time and time again.

Connell went on to be a screen actor. As Parky says on Brand:

“I mean Rin Tin Tin had a very big career in Hollywood and he was a dog. An Alsatian. You don’t have to be particularly talented to have a career in Hollywood.”

Well, no. and you don’t have to be a great journalist to be TV interviewer. Still, it is good to see that Parkinson has his pet hates. And the last word is with Craig Brown, whose pet hat is Parkinson:

“He’s the real pits isn’t he? The idea that he should be rewarded as the master of chat with a knighthood is laughable. He has a complete lack of curiosity about anyone.”

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Posted: 13th, October 2010 | In: Celebrities | Comments (14)