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Michelle Duggar’s tips for women who want to keep their man: give him sex on demand

MICHELLE Duggar has created the tip sheet “Seven Basic Needs Of A Husband”. In readiness for a new series of her TV show 19 Kids and Counting (after 20, she’s pout of fingers and toes and counting genitals) , Duggar has tops on how you can be like her:

Via Faith Goes Pop, we learn:

1. A husband needs a wife who respects him as a man.How does a wife destroy her husband’s manliness?

A. By expecting him to know what protection you need
1. Physical
2. Spiritual
3. Mental
4. Emotional
Tell your husband how he can protect you.

B. By being financially independent
1. Love is killed by self-sufficiency
2. Whoever controls the money controls the leadership.
Center your work and your ministry in your home.

C. By giving greater loyalty to outside leadership
1. Pastor and church leaders
2. Men and women Bible teachers
3. Relatives and friends
Ask your husband your spiritual questions.

D. By resisting his decisions in your spirit
1. A wife’s spirit controls her husband’s ambitions
2. Reviewing past failure destroys a husband’s self-worth.
Learn to wisely appeal to your husband

E. By resisting his physical affection
1. This is the unspoken crushing of a man’s spirit.
2. A wife’s Godliness is a powerful guard against her husband’s abuse of … [cuts off]

Hey, a woman with 19 children can’t be wrong about anything…

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