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Michelle McGee Photos: Jesse James’s Dungarees And ‘Nuts’ Don’t Lie

MICHELLE McGee’s pictures might suggest that the woman who claims to have shagged Sandra Bullock’s husband is possessed by the Bayeux Tapestry or has a fetish for colouring in.

In Pictures: Michelle McGee’s ‘Wet Pussy’ Tattoo

Most American only have words like “inject”, “inflate” and “trim” written on the faces. Michelle has a variety of letters and swirls on her forehead that you need to get really close to read, by which time it is too late.

Michelle McGee In Pictures: Nazi Salutes, A Jewish Child And Stripping

But that is Michelle CMGee really like? Hollywood Life says it knows.

Well, a friend of Michelle’s McGee’s ex, Ronald Shane Modica, says:

“Michelle is f*****g nuts.”

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