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Mick Jagger and David Bowie perform Dancing In The Street without music

 Happy birthday, Mick Jagger

Happy birthday, Mick Jagger, born on this day 1943. Here is the Rolling Stones singer performing Dancing in The Street with David Bowie.

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The Moment The Tabloids Feasted On L’Wren Scott’s Death And Mick Jagger’s Face

WHEN fashion designer L’Wren Scott was found dead in New York, her boyfriend Mick Jagger was in Australia, on tour with the Rolling Stones.

The papers have noticed that Jagger is not on twitter and does not subscribe to the iVulture dead celebrity news wire. So. It was left to someone else to tell him the grim news. And for the tabloids to gawp at the man and slap his face over their front pages:


mick jagger death moment


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Fashion designer and Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, L’Wren Scott, commits suicide

BREAKING. Fashion designer L’Wren Scott has been found dead after hanging herself in her New York apartment this morning. L’Wren has been known, of late, as being the girlfriend of Mick Jagger. A spokesman for the Rolling Stones singer said he was: “completely shocked and devastated” at the news.

The designer was reportedly found by her assistant. There’s no suspicion of foul play, although newsrooms await the Medical Examiner’s report.

L’Wren Scott first made her name in the fashion industry as a stylist, before she went solo, releasing her eponymous line which was favoured by celebrities the world over, with fans including Michelle Obama and Nicole Kidman. In 2013, Scott collaborated with Banana Republic, appearing advertisements alongside the models.




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Robert Samuelson’s Internet repeal

Robert Samuelson TO quote the philosopher Mick Jagger, “What a drag it is getting old.” Or watching others do the same; the voyage from virility to senility hurts to behold.

Consider the Washington Post, long considered a VIP (Very Important Paper), one of America’s most prestigious. And WaPo veteran Robert Samuelson is a Very Important Pundit who became an online laughingstock this week after publishing a Very Serious Column suggesting life would be safer and better if only humanity would abandon this newfangled dad-blasted “Internet” thingy.

“If I could, I would repeal the Internet. It is the technological marvel of the age, but it is not — as most people imagine — a symbol of progress. Just the opposite. We would be better off without it. I grant its astonishing capabilities: the instant access to vast amounts of information, the pleasures of YouTube and iTunes, the convenience of GPS and much more.”

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Keith Richards asks: ‘Who the F*** Is Mick Jagger?’

FLASHBACK to 1975: Keith Richards Wearing a T-shirt asking “Who The F*** Is Mick Jagger?” during the Rolling Stones’ Tour of the Americas.


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Mick Jagger in his silver swimmers, by Francesco Scavullo

MICK Jagger by Francesco Scavullo, 1973.

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Mick Jagger’s mum’s wanted him to buy new antiques

MICK Jagger liked to buy antiques to furnish his home in Ambroise, France. His mum thought he could do better:

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When Kym Marsh married in OK! we pined for Jagger and Bianca

LAST week, OK! showed us Kym Marsh (Coronation Street actress formerly married to EastEnders actor Jack Ryder) tie the knot with Jamie Lomas (actor on Hollyoaks). What we did not learn was what the couple and their guests ate. Thankfully, OK! has news:

Guests sipped sauvignon blanc and rosada wine in Jasmine glasses to accompany their starter of melon and Cheshire air-dried ham and a vanilla and black pepper dressing…a mouth-watering roast breast of chicken with mini roast potatoes and mash, honey-roasted vegetables with a Yorkshire pudding and smoked bacon jus…a trio [of] desserts…lemon tart, Eton mess and chocloate pot in a delicious cup made of rich cholocate…

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Mick and Keef bury hatchet after ‘tiny todger’ comment

HAVE you seen Keef Richards’ wang? It’s there online should you want to look for it. No, we don’t blame you for not having searched it already. However, if you have seen it, you’ll know that Keith isn’t exactly hung like a hoover bag. So it was a little odd to see him saying that his lifelong buddy, bandmate and business partner, Mick Jagger, had tiny penis in his memoir.

Richards, told the Daily Mirror: “As far as the book goes, it was my story and it was very raw, as I meant it to be, but I know that some parts of it and some of the publicity really offended Mick and I regret that.”

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Keith Richards Called Mick Jagger ‘Brenda’ And ‘Your Majesty’: Photos

KEITH Richards says in his autobiography Life that he called Mick Jagger “Brenda” or “Your Majesty”, and compares coping with an annoying mynah bird as “like living with Mick“. Richards adds:

I used to love Mick, but I haven’t been to his dressing room in 20 years.

He’s not the only one…

On a personal note: I spent a while watching snooker and eating HP sauce with Keith Richards in the 1980s. He was charming and generous. The only comment he made on Mick Jagger was “bit poofy”, when Mick flounced into view on an old tape we watched.


Picture 1 of 37


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Daily Mail Links 11-Year-Old Mari-Simon Cronje’s Death To Mick Jagger

MARI-Simon Cronje died in an accident when she thrown off a banana boat and was struck by a speedboat at the Princes sports club in Bedfont, Middlesex. She was 11.

It’s a tragic thing. But in the Mail, it needs more. The death of a child needs a celebrity element to make it really strike a chord with the readers.

Katherine Faulkner and Charlotte Gill are on it.

Mari-Simon, a pupil at the private school to which Mick Jagger sent his children, and several other girls were being towed on the inflatable by a two-man motorboat…

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Revealed: The Secret Of Cliff Richard And Mick Jagger’s Skin

key-cliffTHE Daily Mail brings new of the “Peter Pan” gene that means some people look younger than others. This apparent story is illustrated by a picture of Sir Cliff Richard (born October 1940) and Mick Jagger (not knighted and born in July 1943).

The research, published in Nature Genetics, makes the Mail wonder if “genetic changes to ageing” result in Jagger looking a like deflated testicle that’s been pickled in booze and drugs and religionist Sir Cliff who looks like he’s had loadsa Botox and praying.

Go figure…

The Rolling Stones In Pictures And Cigarettes

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Mick Jagger And The Adventures Of Molly Miller Mundy McCartney

MICK Jagger is said by the Mail to have been seen out in the company of 23-year aristo Molly Miller Mundy.

Miss Molly Miller Mundy is the son of Mark Miller Nundy, who tells us:

“I’m thrilled it’s Paul McCartney.”

If it were, she could marry him, and be Molly Miller Mundy McCartney.

So we take the point…

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The Large Hadron Collider Has Killed Everyone

THE LARGE Hadron Collider has killed everyone. If you are reading this you are dead. If you are not reading this you are dead.


Gill Hornby: “Before the world ends, I just wanted to say: I told you so”

In my own branch of Astrophysics, CKtC – or, to give it its full name, Curiosity Killed the Cat – we jolly well wish they wouldn’t.

Stalking celebrities for science: Alexander Fsachem needs celebs to make sense of the universe on the BBC…

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