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Boston Marathon bombs: Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi are innocent

THE Boston Marathon Bombs: Mike Mulugeta is dead, presumed killed in a police shoot out. Well, so many reports say. But it’s not true.

The other suspect fingered on the web is Sunil Tripathi. He ‘vanished’ from his home in Angell Street, Providence in March. But he’s innocent, too.

bomber martin richards

Photo: the suspect behind Martin Richards, the murdered 8-year-old.

sunil tripathi che

The Times writes:

Mr Tripathi is described as a left-wing Marxist of Indian Brahmin descent, whose father is a successful software developer. His family set up a Twitter account and a Facebook page last month to help the search for him. Mr Tripathi was first identified as a suspect in a crowdsleuthing exercise on the Reddit website.

sunil tripathi 1

But the Times is wrong.

Other news:

One policeman killed in MIT shooting. The New York Times piece has more on the shootout in Watertown.

Update: Both Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi are innocent. They were wrongly identified on social media. So much for web sleuthing.

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