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Fame Adacemy Meets X Factor: Alex Parks And Joe McElderry Are Learning To Write Songs

THE Daily Star’s Mike Ward is serching for Parks. She is:

The talent show winner who’s vanished without trace: a warning to every X Factor wannabe

Ward is a man on a mission:

PROMISE me you won’t laugh, but I’ve developed this weird obsession with BBC Fame Academy 2003 winner Alex Parks.

Ward has “an obsession with finding out what the hell happened to her… most of them you can Google in a matter or seconds to get at least a rough indication of what they’re up to these days, before going: “Oh, righty-ho.…” and getting on with your day. Alex, on the other hand seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth – and, more to the point, seems to have done this intentionally.”

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Posted: 12th, November 2014 | In: Celebrities | Comment