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Mildred Baena Presents Joseph, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret Son He Never Knew (New Photos)

MILDRED  Baena, the woman who while working for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver, was impregnated by the Sperminator, presents their son Joseph to Hello!.

Joseph is 13. Mildred is 50. She has five children. She worked for the Schwarzenegger family for 20 years. Her mother also worked for them. Her sister still does. Mildred says she is not being paid for the interview.

Here are highlights of her interview:

When told that his dad was Arnie, Joseph replied, “Cool!

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Mariah Shriver And Sarah Ferguson To Form Oprah TV Double Act: Mildred Baena On Jermy Kyle

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger’s son Joe, the one he had with Mildred Baena, used to visit the Spermiantor’s fmaily home and play with his four other kids (number is liable to alteration). But Mrs Arnie, the fragrant Maria Shriver, scion of the Kennedy dynasty and thus a figure virtually reared on tales of extra-martial sex, never knew. To her, the sight of five square-jawed robot-kinder that looked a lot like her husband in place of the four she has with the actor aroused no suspicions.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Denise Van Outen And Mildred Baena’s Face

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger – in the news for shagging Mildred Baena (photos) and having a ten year old child with behind the back of all media – was a “sexual dynamo” who, says the NoTW, “deliberately targeted unattractive women for affairs – because they worshipped him more than beautiful ones.”

The source of this is a “dossier” put together by “former Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano”.
In it, he opines:

“Gorgeous women intimidate Schwarzenegger because they are harder to please. He sees himself as the dominant, beautiful one.”

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Stephen Lawrence’s Racist Murder: Has The Mail’s Bravery Prejudiced A Trial?

STEPEHEN Lawrence looks out from the Daily Mail’s cover. He is flanked by two men alleged to have murdered him: Gary Dobson and David Norris. They are two of the five “lovable rogues” (as Dobson called them on an ITV interview) who are alleged to have murdered Lawrence at a bus stop in London back in 1993.

Dobson and Norris also feature on the front pages of the Mirror, Sun and Star. But on those paper, their faces are pushed down the news agenda by, respectively, Arnold Swarzenegger’s “SECERET SON” (photos of his lover Mildred Baena and the boy here), Ken Clarke’s rape homage to Whoopi Goldberg (Rape is not always “rape rape”) and Wayne Rooney’s “threat to knock out a fan”.

Only the Mail gives this story of institutional racism, murder and corruption the prominence it deserves. But, then, it did once before, too. In 1997, The Mail named five men as “MURDERERS” on its front page.

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