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After London Bridge: geezer Roy Larner told his attackers “F*** you, I’m Millwall”

Looking for London geezers after the London Bridge attack, the media spots Peckham’s Roy Larner, 47, who when confronted with the murderous Islamists told them: “Fuck you, I’m Millwall.”


Roy LArner millwall


Larner decided he needed to “take the piss out of these bastards”. He continued to shut “Fuck you, I’m Millwall” as he was stabbed eight times. Roy tells the Sun:

“They had these long knives and started shouting about Allah. Then it was, ‘Islam, Islam, Islam’. Like an idiot I shouted back at them…. I took a few steps towards them and said, ‘Fuck you, I’m Millwall’. So they started attacking me.”

Roy Larner is a top geezer. Today we should all be a bit Millwall.


Love the book he’s reading – ‘Learn To Run.’ At them.

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FA’s cultural expert wonders if Millwall and Spurs fans are racists

The Football Association is enlisting the advice of a ‘cultural expert’ (Daily Mail) to forensically examine if Millwall fans regaling Spurs’ South Korean forward Son Heung-Min with chants of “DVD” and “He’s selling three for a fiver” amounted to racism.

Furthermore, Spurs are being investigated because some of their fans chanted “no noise from the pikey boys” at Millwall’s travelling supporters.

The Irish Independent says Millwall fans have heaped ‘shame’ on their club and returned to ‘the bad old days of English football’, those murky times when The Sunday Times called football a “slum sport played in slum stadiums increasingly watched by slum people”.

Apparently the police are now involved in this search for racism in the dust of an FA Cup quarter-final. Although can we be certain the top coppers and football power brokers will be able to spot racism when they see it?

There are no black managers in the Premier League and no black chief executives in the boardrooms. According to the August 2016 Parliamentary report ‘BME representation in police forces’ there is ‘not a single, non-white face among all the chief constables and all the police and crime commissioners… and one BME person out of the 59 members of the National Police Chiefs’ Council in 2015.’ There are, however, plenty of black players and black supporters.

The search to root out racism could begin closer to home for both the FA and the police, if those in power will allow it – which they won’t because it’s easier to test new forms of control on the slum-swelling Untermensh and use them to showcase your anti-racist credentials than it is to investigate your own prejudices.

PS: Maybe the FA’s cultural expert can investigate the culture of football while they’re at it, in which chants – including the boorish, obscene, unfunny, vulgar, witless and anachronistic ones – are part and parcel of the game.

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The myth of Millwall’s racist abuse at Spurs

When Spurs played Millwall in the FA Cup – final score: 6-0 – the Guardian heard ‘racist’ abuse from the South Londoners. So bad was it that rather than lead with a match report or news on Harry Kane’s injury, the Guardian opted to tell readers that the FA is investigating the ‘racist chants’. ‘FA is aware of chants and awaiting reports from referee and police,’ the paper announces. Once more lowbrow football is in the dock for racism. Yippee!


spurs son millwall racism the guardian


Given that this is about Spurs, where the ‘self-styled ‘Yid Army’ hold sway, you might suppose the Millwall berks opted for a spout of anti-Semitism. But you’d be wrong. The alleged racism was directed at Tottenham’s South Korean forward Son Heung-Min. The Mirror says, ‘Chants of “DVD” and “three for a fiver”, apparently in reference to the sale of pirated films, coursed through the away end each time Son touched the ball in the last-eight clash.’

The Guardian tells its readers, who don’t partake of white working-class leisure pursuits and buy the Guardian because of its platoon of black and Asian board members (number of non-white faces in the paper’s twelve-strong boardroom: nil): ‘The reference to selling DVDs is considered to be a racist slur when directed at an Asian person.’

Millwall fans are so regressive. Piracy is all about downloads and streaming from Russia and Israel nowadays, lads. If you want to goad and upset the opposition’s most threatening player with a tasteless chant, why not lampoon his countrymen’s appetite for dog meat? You can try this chant:

Son, Son, Wherever You May Be
You eat dogs in your country!
It could be worse, you could be Scouse,
Eating rats in your council house!

On second thoughts, best not to. Manchester United fans used to sing that tune about Park Ji Sung, a player they loved. He never complained. He’s a robust adult who saw it for what it was: a friendly bout of un-PC banter. It’s just that given United’s love of branding, the song’s most likely copyrighted and singing it will require a licence and large fee.

Better to echo what Spurs fans serenade Son with:

“He’ll shoot, he’ll score, he’ll eat your Labrador.”

Over in the Mail, we read that those Millwall chants about knock-off films and video games spoilt everything. The paper notes:

Millwall supporters should’ve been celebrating their wonderful FA Cup run but racist chants of ‘DVD’ and ‘three for a fiver’ towards Tottenham’s Son Heung-min ruined it.

Those would be the same multi-cultural Millwall fans who were watching their multi-cultural club get thrashed and Son score a hat-trick? The Mail thinks Millwall’s ‘racist’ fans should have been celebrating their team’s annihilation rather than trying to upset Son and Spurs.

Says the Mail:

Millwall’s supporters wonder why no-one likes them but showed exactly the reason with the disgraceful abuse directed at Tottenham forward Son Heung-min during their FA Cup quarter-final defeat.

What utter balls. Millwall fans don’t wonder why no-one like them – they celebrate the fact. It’s part of their identity to cock a snook at authority. Their chants are supposed to be vulgar, offensive and tasteless.

So dumb is the entire story of racism at White Hart Lane that the Indy can’t even decide what is and what isn’t racist. ‘Millwall could face FA action after fans appear to racially abuse Tottenham striker Son Heung-min,’ it says. For those of us who can recall the 1970s and 1980, when racism at football was loud, nasty and obvious – just as it was in society – the verbals aimed at Son are weaker than Millwall’s performance in the match.

To the people who seek out racism in dust, who view fans as suspects and seek to buttress their own superior morals in commands to ‘Kick It Out’, who investigate every word for offence – who reduce Son, an energetic, tough and skilled footballer to the role of victim – we wonder what planet they’re from and who invited them to join this one?


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College field trip to Millwall studies ‘working class culture and habits’

Millwall fans love stuffed toys

Millwall fans love stuffed toys


A college has been branded ‘offensive’ for arranging a trip to a Millwall football match so that students can observe ‘working class culture’.

Varndean College in Brighton says the trip will give students the chance to learn about ‘working class culture and habits’, ‘issues around sexuality, race and ethnicity’ and ‘women challenging gender norms’.

A poster displayed at the sixth form college also urges students to enjoy pies and Bovril and ‘even talk to fans’ at Brighton and Hove Albion’s American Express Community Stadium.

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1978: Weapons Seized Before West Ham Against Millwall At Upton Park

FLASHBACK to October 7 1978:

On display at Scotland Yard are some of the weapons believed to have been abandoned by supporters attending the West Ham against Millwall game at Upton Park. Six policeman were injured and 70 people arrested after fans clashed in the street after the game.



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The 18 most unforgettable team photos of all time

DAVID Cameron has played down rugby international Manu Tuilagi’s ‘bunny ears’ gesture as ‘a bit of fun’, and accepted an apology from the player after his impertinent gesture during the British Lions’ photo call at Downing Street.


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English football club mottos: the Latin, the motivators and the downright crap

NEWS that Everton Football Club™ has decided to modernise its historic badge, and in the process jettison its famous Latin motto, has caused not altogether unpredictable outrage among the Goodison Faithful ™.


The motto in question translates as ‘Nothing but the best’, so the timing of its retirement is unfortunate, coinciding as it does with a period of uncertainty following the departure of the ‘Moysiah’ to Old Trafford.

All of which begs the question of whether some other long-established club mottos and slogans are fit for purpose in the modern game. A select few still favour the classical Latin, so we will consider them first.

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Liverpool star serves time on Newcastle and Millwall fans


FORMER Liverpool and Denmark player Jan Molby uses his EuroSport column to tells readers:

Disgusting violence must spell the end for late weekend kick-offs

Sure enough the FA Cup semi-final between Millwall and Wigan did not kick off until 16:15 GMT. But…

When it is rival supporters fighting that is one thing, but to have one set of segregated fans scrapping with each other – what do you do about that?..

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Panorama – Millwall 1977: when The Den was a zoo and Tottenham Hotspur were ‘northerners’


IN 1977, Millwall FAC’s fans were the subject of a BBC Panorama documentary. Terrace hard nuts luke The Halfway Line, the Treatment and the F-Troop, were glamorised. You want to make the club from the Second Division club form south-east London famous, then stick the fans on the magic box and get a public school anthropologist to take the viewers on a journey int their heart of darkness. Nowadays you might laugh at the class-laden voiceover. You might well chortle when around the 6minute 23second mark the Millwall fan looks forward to the visit of North London club Tottenham Hotspur. He says he won’t “take it from no Northerner”.

Lead photo 1978: A Milwall supporter (3rd r), with blood pouring from an eye wound, is led away for treatment by a companion from the Den, New Cross, London, aFter football violence. Police and Millwall supporters fought a running battle during the Millwall v Ipswich Town FA cup 6th round game.

Millwall Fans Vs Police

Millwall Fans Vs Police. Part of the football violence which flared today between police and the notorious Millwall supporters at their FA Cup 6th round tie against Ipswich Town at the Den, New Cross, London. Ipswich won the Game 6-1.

Chelsea v Millwall

Fighting spectators befor the start of Chelsea’s League Division Two promotion battle against Millwall at Stamford Bridge.

Police in Action at Chelsea.

Police in Action at Chelsea. A Policeman escorts a young fan nursing an injured head at Stamford Bridge, where rioting spectators spilled over the barriers before the start of Chelsea’s League Division Two promotion battle against London rivals Millwall.



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Was the Millwall FA Cup semi-final fight triggered by a row over a man bag?

AT the FA Cup semi-final between Millwall and Wigan Athletics, there was argy-bargy. Fourteen men were arrested at Wembley following the violence. Twelve Millwall fans. Two Wigan fans. The Mirror says the “riot” was “fuelled by cocaine”. Other says it was the result of a late kick-off allowing for more pre-match drinking. One other argument is that Millwall fans were tanked up on stories of 1970s and 1980s thuggery, pretending they were the F-Troop and the Treatment, gangs gilded by the BBC Panorama show in 1977. But maybe it’s about another kind of fashion? We noticed that one of those involved in the violence was wearing a man bag. It’s a metrosexual take on the old Butcher’s coat of yore:
Soccer - FA Cup - Semi Final - Millwall v Wigan Athletic - Wembley Stadium

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In photos: Wigan reach their first FA Cup Final with 2-0 win over Millwall

IN photos: FA Cup – Semi Final – Millwall v Wigan Athletic – Wembley Stadium. Wigan are in their first FA Cup final.  Wigan, who have qualified for next season’s Europa League. Magic stuff. Less magic was the fighting in the stands between Millwall fans. No-one like them, says the song. But everyone should like Wigan:


Picture 1 of 16

A young Millwall fan in the stands

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When football kits clash changes are inevitable: a history of soccer disasters

FLASHBACK looks at football kit changes. When both teams are wearing the ame kit,

Are you Crystal Palace in disguise?

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Crystal Palace v Barnsley - Selhurst Park

There’s only one conceivable reason why any of the 21,281 spectators at Selhurst Park are likely to remember Saturday’s match between Crystal Palace and Barnsley: both team played in Palace kits. The Eagles played in their usual red-and-blue and the Tykes donned Palace’s yellow away shirt. Whether they took advantage of the 30 percent reduction in the club shop is not known. In the event both teams played like Palace and failed to score.

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Luton Town v Millwall: Pleat’s confused predictions and the fixture’s history

MARK Lawrenson, miserabilist BBC football pundit, is sharing his predictions for the weekend with David Pleat, the former Luton Town and Spurs manager (cue that song):

“Luton have beaten Wolves and Norwich fairly and squarely with a lot of determined effort and I think playing Millwall at home is a great chance for them to get into the sixth round.”

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The football teams that changed their kits and won and lost their identities

ANORAK presents a history of football club shirt changes, featuring: Cardiff City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Leeds United, Millwall, Juventus, Coventry City and Crystal Palace…

AMID all the Euro hype, one piece of football news has largely slipped under the radar: Cardiff City FC have confirmed what many suspected – that they will now play in red, because the colour is more appealing to the club’s Malaysian owners than the traditional blue strip.

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London Riots: Millwall Fans Protect Eltham High Street From Rioters – Yid Army, Gooners And Headhunters Needed?

YOU know the situation is bad when the England v Holland match at Wembley is called off. Can we deduce that the football fans need protecting? Well, no. Over in London’s Eltham High Street, Millwall fans are protecting the local shops and bars. As he says:

you might hate them but tonight you’l love them.

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Police Arrest West Ham Firm For Pretending To Be Hooligans

the-firmPolice appeal for information leading to the arrest of six notorious West Ham actors.

THE media loves football violence, just loves it. Scotland Yard loves it as well. Without the threat of football violence, policemen would never get to exercise their equal opportunities credentials by being rude and threatening to red and blues, red and whites, yellows and some other non-blacks. It also gives the police the chance to test out new baton techniques and gases, and walk on the hallowed turf.

So much do the police love football violence that they have issued 66 pictures of West Ham fans caught in acts of organised violence back in August as the Hammers played Millwall.

You may recognise six of the hooligans as being actors in the TV film The Firm. This is method acting at the edges of legality.

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West Ham And Millwall Fight Over Strictly Come Dancing

TROUBLE at the West Ham United  v. Millwall game. Who will win Strictly Come Dancing?

Pictures and full story.


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