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Baseball Mistress: The Mindy McCready Sex Tape And Pete Doherty

READY for the Mindy McCready porn tape. Are you McC-rReady for porn, readers? In 1996, McCready had a No. 1 hit in 1996 with Guys Do It All the Time. But since then she’s been a singer better knows for her arrests and mug shots. Mindy McCready is America’s Peter Doherty.

This sex tape is said to feature a tape stolen from the country singer’s Nashville home and features her and someone called – get this – “Peter”.

The video comes out less than a week after the release of I’m Still Here, her first album in eight years, and just after her stint on TV’s Celebrity Rehab. It’s a cruel coincidence. As McCredy says:

This is the last thing on the planet I need right now,” she said.

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New Kari Ann Peniche Sex Tape Emerges: Video

kari-ann-penicheMORE news on that TV doctor Eric Dane non-sex sex tape as Kari Ann Peniche goes on the record.

Kari Ann Penish has issued a statement saying that she wants to be left lone, that her child abandonment issues mean she can no longer take a bath with less then two other people (mum? dad?) and that she thought Dr Dane could cure her.

No, not really.

Before Kari Ann poses for lads mags dressed as a kinky nurse, she wants the world to know that she only found out about the tape when Dane called her. Dane wanted to know if her former roommate on the show “Celebrity Rehab“, a country singer called Mindy McCready, had leaked the video?

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