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Epic video of Australian MP tearing sexism a new one

POLITICIANS are all slimy swine and no question, but over in Australia, they’re showing us all exactly we should hand them a smackdown. PM Julia Gillard (who once said “screw you!” to US Congress, so she’s not a woman to be trifled with) went to town on an MP called Peter Slipper.

Now, Peter Slipper is an ordained priest, has been accused of sexually harassing a gay man and is thought to have been rather ‘creative’ with his expenses. However, he’s now at the centre of a storm where he’s had his arse royally handed to him… AND THERE’S A VIDEO OF IT! Slipper referred to another MP as ‘an ignorant bitch’, amongst other comments.

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Posted: 9th, October 2012 | In: Politicians | Comment (1)