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Mitch Winehouse wears Amy Winehouse as a waistcoat at the Brits

AT the Brits Awards 2013, Mitch Winehouse arrived wearing a waistcoat bearing a picture of his daughter Amy Winehouse (quote:I used to walk into the Hawley Arms, grab a bag of mince and cook meatballs.“) 

Mitch is the cabbie called to give evidence to the House of Commons Committee’s debate on the cocaine trade. On Mitch’s website, the blurb for his album tells readers: “Mitch joins a list of illustrious artists from Elton John to Matt Monro who have performed Tony’s songs.” He’s written a hook called Amy, My Daughter. That’s not to be confused with his Channel 4 documentary My Daughter Amy. Mitch, who told us that his daughter’s new boob job “looks great”. You might have caught him on the chatshow Mitch Winehouse’s Showbiz Rant.  So here’s Mitch on the Brits red carpet. Amy was nominated for her posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

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The War Of Amy Winehouse

AMY Winehouse is dead and New magazine says peoples are “at war over Amy“.

The factions in this war are:

Kelly Osbourne (“relative“)
Georgette Fielder-Civil (“Blake’s mum)
Mitch Winehouse (Amy’s dad)

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Amy Winehouse Addicted To Jimmy Choo’s Choos And Blake’s Romeo

7013872AMY Winehouse is addicted to “Choos” – Jimmy Choo’s Choos.

The Star hears from Mitch Winehouse, the man with the inside take on his daughter’s life:

“Amy has blown stupid amounts on shoes, she’s replaced her drugs addiction with a shopping addiction.”

This follow the Mitch Winehouse news that Amy Winehouse – the one with the “fantastic” breasts is “Addicted’ To Knickers”.

Amy Winehouse Changing Looks

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Amy Winehouse’s Dad Mitch Says Her Breasts Are ‘Fantastic’

mitch-titsWHEN Amy Winehouse moved overseas, Mitch Winehouse waited. He and a bit. But mostly he waited.

Now Mitch is on This Morning. Philip Schofield says Mitch wrote his daughter’s obituary. Mitch says he didn’t. Schofield wonders if he’s sure? Mitch is sure.

While the researcher fetches her coat, Mitch talks about educating MPs on how to improve treatment for drug addicts. Mitch has a cause. And Holly Willoughby gives full throat to more bad research, saying that “offending addicts” go to prison and get treatment.

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Blake Fielder Civil Saw Amy Winehouse ‘Die’, In Pictures

7580172AS Blake Fiedler-Civil tells tabloid readers “AMY ‘DIED’ IN MY ARMS”, and joins his name to the list of Great British literary drug addicts, we hear from that other man in Winehouse’s life, her dad Mitch.

A source tells us about a Mitch Winehouse album:

“Mitch has been working on it for a while now. Amy always credits her dad with getting her into singing. He loves music. He has a good voice and wants a go at turning professional.”

As a London cabbie, one used to negotiating visible air, Mitch surely has the lungs to inhale pop stardom. The chatter is of Mitch singing Frank Sinatra tunes. But how genuine is this story?

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Amy Winehouse Drinks Herself Blind

amy-winehouseWE interrupt this transmission of Amy Winehouse’s residency in a St Lucia bar to bring news of Amy Winehouse’s “concerned mother”, who has “has opened up about her daughter’s battle with addiction” on a TV show.

Says Janis Winehouse, for it is she:

“The need to rescue her is enormous. I just want her to be okay and I would do whatever it took to make that right.”

Well, talking about Amy’s condition to tabloid telly should relieve the pressure and make her want to come home.

“Amy is in denial all the time. She probably feels trapped, her body is trapping her.”

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Amy Winehouse Sicko: You Can Hear Mitch Winehouse Shaking

WITH Blaaaake Fielder-Dreams in jail, Amy Wineshouse’s professional dad Mitch is the singer’s man at large.

Today the Sun brings news of a letter Mitch has received from Blake. It’s “Blake’s sicko threats to Mitch.” Says a source:

I could hear Mitch physically shaking when he phoned to tell me about the letter. He couldn’t even bring himself to read it out loud as it was just too sickening.”

Maybe if he took his cab keys out of his pocket he’d make less noise?

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