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Woman gets trapped in sewer retrieving dropped mobile phone

TO Jackson, Mississippi, where Lori McElroy has dropped her mobile phone down the sewer. She has gotten stuck truying to retrieve it. The jaws of life are summoned. Before too long, McElroy is free.

She tells local media:

“I was on the phone talking with somebody and then I dropped the phone in the sewer. “There wasn’t no water in it, so I figured I could go down there and get it. Then I got stuck and couldn’t get out.” 

“The man got the top out and they still couldn’t get me out. And then they had to call the fire department and the ambulance. I feel wonderful that I am out, but it was a stupid mistake. It’s better to just go buy another phone instead of having to go through that.”

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Woman Kicked Off Train For Talking Loudly On Mobile Phone

TO Oregon, where Lakeysha Beard’s loud talking on her phone has caused other passengers in the “quiet zone” carriage on the Amtrak service to complain. They want her to reduce the volume. They say she has been talking loudly on her mobile for 16 hours – ever since the train left Oakland, California.

A heated exchange results. The train is stopped and police remove Beard.

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Mobile Phone Talker Gets New York Basbeall In The Face: Video Fun

YOU know that chap on the mobile phone, yammering away as the match or train journey passers him by – on this occassion it was the Yankees-Mariners game in New York?

You know the chap you want to tell off as he bangs on?

Well, enjoy:


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