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The 20 indignities at English football grounds (featuring Arsenal, Aston Villa, Celtic, Charlton, Fulham, Newcastle, QPR, Spurs and Wolves)

FOOTBALL fans and all decent people everywhere will have been cheered to hear that Fulham Football Club has finally got round to taking down the statue of Michael Jackson that has besmirched Craven Cottage for the past few years. Former owner Mohamed Al Fayed, who erected the statue in 2011, is apparently considering selling it to raise money for charity.


Good news for all those who believe that sporting establishments should be treated with respect and dignity.

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Madonna On The 1980s School Run In Kent: Pictures

IT was like a 1980s revival meeting as Madonna hooked up with Mohamed al Fayed at The New School in West Heath, Kent, for Lawnfest, a charity fundraiser in aid of the bursary fund at the school. Toss in some leg warmers, Pump Up The Volume and a Paul Masson California Carafe and who needs the King Groovy & The Horn Stars. If Madonna could have some more work on her face and make more of her primary sexual characteristics, she could be any mum on the school run in Surrey…


Picture 1 of 7

Madonna is greeted by Mohamed Al Fayed (left) as she arrives at The New School in West Heath, Kent, for Lawnfest, a charity fundraiser in aid of the bursary fund at the school.

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In Pictures: Harrods Under Al Fayed – Pussy Cat Dolls, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Bra And Stuffed Bears

HARROD’S has been sold by Mohamed al Fayed for £1.5bn to a buyer understood to be the Qatari royal family. Will the shrine to Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed remain in the store? Will Al Fayed now also sell Fulham FC? Will he auction off his collection of vomit ‘n’ cuff shirts? Will Prince Philip use the hallowed urinals (£1 a go) once again? Fayed’s reign at Harrods seemed to be a chance for him to meet famous women and hand them something furry to stroke. On our photo collection, Fayed seemed to have more than passing liking for Jennifer Love Hewitt (11-13), the Pussy Cat Dolls, who all got pet a pussy to pet, Lily Allen (5) and all the girls he’s met before…

You find joy in the simplest pleasures.


Picture 1 of 61

The Pussycat Dolls (from left: Melody, Carmit, Ashley, Nicole, Kimberley and Jessica) share a joke with store owner Mohammed Al Fayed as they open the Harrods Summer Sale, Harrods, west London.

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Michael Jackson: Officer La Toya Jackson And Tito’s TV Crime Show

la-toya3MICHAEL Jackson Homicide Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Officer La Toya Jackson’s TV show investigates celebrity deaths…


“Sister La Toya insists ‘killer’ must pay”

Anorak can see the spinoff TV series now: LaPD – Killer Must Pay.
La Toya and her bumbling sidekick Tito investigate the deaths of leading showbiz performers:

Did Rod Hull fall from the roof? Who sold Isadora Duncan that scarf? Michael Hutchence – why was he still wearing a belt? Elvis Presley was a strict vegetarian. Mark Bolan – who planted the tree? What did Steve Irwin know? Lupe Velez drowned in the toilet bowl – where was her maid?

La Toya, call me. I have ideas and plans.

In series one, La Toya investigates the death of her brother, Michael Jackson. “Michael Jackson death: Now all the world will know the truth,” says La Toya Jackson.

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Katherine Jenkins Gets More Than She Bargained For At Harrod’s

“SHAME on Katherine” chant the protestors as Katherine Jenkins arrives by horse-drawn carriage to open the Harrod’s sale.

Leona Lewis reportedly refused to open the sale because of Harrods’ policy of selling fur, so Jenkins stepped in. Although, Ms Jenkins is being followed by a group of bagpipe players, and the dangers of that are self-evident.

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