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Bill Clinton’s Top Ten David Letterman Jokes

bill-clinton-lettermanDAVID Letterman sticks his tongue through his teeth and fesses up to shagging members of his staff. It’s an all-too- predictable story of a powerful man shtupping younger women keen to impress the boss and get ahead (fnar).

A story of enemies, the law and tapes. You may have heard the story before in the case of Bill Clinton.

Bill loved the ladies, and Dave loved that Bill provided him with easy material for his funnies. Like Bill, Dave has nicknames for women working under him (hit that snare drum). You can read them here. Here’s Dave:

“Today, Monica Lewinsky is 28,” he joked in 2001. “It seemed like just yesterday she was crawling around on the floor in the Oval Office.”

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Bill Clinton’s Aural Histories: Boris Yeltsin Hailing A Taxi In His Underwear

4606153BILL Clinton gave Taylor Branch, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and civil rights historian, 79 oral history interviews. Those interviews now form part of a book.

Bill Clinton was reluctant to speak of Monica Lewinsky. Although Clinton told Branch the Lewinsky affair began because “I cracked; I just cracked“. Brand says he “lapsed”.

And then not without humour, perhaps, Branch tells us:

“He said he could have done worse. He could have blown something up.”

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