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Monkey Upset By Barking Dog Throw Toolbox At Cat And Bit Man Who Offered It An Egg Sandwich

Egg sandwich monkey bite

“I OFFERED the monkey an egg sandwich, ” says Ricky Strong from his home in Currituck County, North Carolina. “He actually came to me and walked up my arm. I walked with the monkey back to the shed where the other three primates were. I was about to leave when the cat showed up.  And when it did, the one monkey threw like a toolbox at the cat.  Then a dog got on a deck and started barking and all four of the monkeys jumped on me.

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Monkey rips off and eats baby’s testicles

monkey balls



TO Guiyang Qianling Wildlife Park in Guìyáng, southwest China, where a monkey has torn off a baby’s testicles and eaten one.

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Man killed wife he mistook for a monkey

TO Nepal, where a man has shot his wife dead. He reason? He thought she was a monkey.

Bed Prakash Pun shot his wife thorgh the throast as she Basanti Pun  fire as she fetched water from a tap.

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Woman has her monkey baptised (video)

THE woman is having her baby monkey baptised. Well, she says it’s her monkey. But her boyfriend did so love his banans, flicking his own poo at used to shout at the telly whenever Tarzan came on, complaining about it’s’ “unfair  that chimpanzees get all the best jobs” and “the real Tarzan had back hair you could plait”…

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Man Mauled By Spider Monkeys At Zoo: Tourists Take Videos And Laugh

JOAO Leite dos Santos has gotten drunk and thought it a good idea to swim in the water that separates the spider monkeys from the humans at a zoo in Sorocaba, near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Guess what happens. Yep, people looking on laughed and took videos as he got mauled. What must the monkeys think of us:

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Armed Monkey Fires On African Soldiers (Video)

ARMED monkey attacks and shoots West African soldiers. Someone get Charlton Heston…quick!!!! And tell Tarzan to run…

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Alien Monkey Only Eats Peaches In China (Photo)

TO Gezhai village, Henan Province, China, to see the alien monkey. Local woman Mao Xiping sees his “alien face”. She call the police to arrest it.

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Breed Of Bright Orange Monkey Apes Katie Price And WAGs

EVOLUTION is wonderful, isn’t it. From monkey to man, and as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proves, back again. Now news reaches us that monkeys have evolved into celebrities. At Taronga Zoo, Sydney, a Francois langur monkey family has been born bright orange.

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India’s Monkey Man Scares Off the Monkeys

TO India’s Lucklow station where a man is dressed as a monkey to scare away the monkeys that – get this – are also men dressed as monkeys. All the real monkeys have been eaten by the crocodiles. Ho-ho.

Roll VT:

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Nadine Dorries Castrates The Recess Monkey

NADINE Dorries, the Christian fundamentalist in white, is on the hunt for a blogger. Run, Recess Monkey, Run:

Apart from the other 100 people in the room. Nadine Dorries is going to stop blogging. She said earlier that if she meets a nameless other blogger – /present in Brum today/, as I breeze shot with him – ‘he will father no children, I tell you’.

Nadine is the woman in white…

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The Biggest Boobs In Westminster: Jacqui Smith’s Knockers

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