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Idiots vote for cat’s inclusion in Monopoly

YOU can make a good judgement on a human by viewing which piece they decide to play with in Monopoly. Basically, the rule is this: If they choose the dog, they’re an idiot.

This may seem harsh, but think about it. The car has a lovely art-deco quality and implies speed and fun, while the boot is reminiscent of a cartoon hobo’s boot, implying a wistful, rambling freedom. The top hat is a satisfying piece to hold and has a Lord Snooty quality, and anyone who doesn’t like the Beano should be slapped senseless. The ship is also filled with romance and a promise of adventure and maybe decadent dinner parties on deck, before the vessel perishes at the whim of an iceberg.

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Woman Knifes Lover In Row Over Monopoly Game

MUG Shot of The Day features the sorry face of New Mexico’s Laura Chavez, 60. She is accused of stabbing her boyfriend Clyde “Butch” Smith, 48, with a kitchen knife having already hit him over the head with a glass bottle. She, reportedly, thought he was cheating at Monopoly.

Chavez’s 10-year-old grandson, who had been playing Monopoly with the two adults, says granny got into a row because she thought he “was cheating at Monopoly”. He did not see the fight, having already called it quits and gone to bed.

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Belfast Gets Own Monopoly Game: Get Out Of Jail Free Cards All Round

21ANORAK was there to see Mark Marrriot, designer of the Monopoly Belfast edition, launch of the popular board game, in Belfast.

The dice are green. Although you can have red, white and blue ones, if you prefer. Title Deeds are NOT proof of ownership, although placing “safe houses” on the land and building big high wall around it can make a powerful argument that it is yours. Hotels are best avoided.

The most expensive spot is the seat of government at Stormont, yours for £400 or the promise of a call centre for a large American conglomerate.

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