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In Pictures: Peta’s Pamela Anderson Highlights Dangers Of Global Warming By Skiing In Her Knickers

pa-796262121GREEN activist Pamela Anderson is pictured snowboarding with the with the US Olympic Ski and Snowboarding Teams at a private resort in Topanga, CA.

There is no snow in Topanga – no real snow. But there is a snow machine, which allows Anderson to show us her knickers and not catch a chill. Old Mr Anorak is, as ever, appreciative. But Gaia might wonder why Pammy has altered her stance.

While we work out the carbon footprint of a snow machine, camera film and getting to the snow, we recall Paul McCartney’s letter to Peta ambassador Pammy in which he…

“…called on her to support the “growing awareness that reduced meat consumption or vegetarianism is the “single most effective” way to tackle global warming.”

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Posted: 26th, October 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comment