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Mormons baptize Jews murdered in Holocaust

DID you know that Mormons baptize Jews murdered in the holocaust? The victims of Nazi genocide don’t even get to own their souls. They get nothing. Mormons took it upon themselves to baptize Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal.

Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel asked Mormon Mitt Romney to investigate why this happens. (Rumours abound that Romney’s theist father-in-law Edward Davies was posthumously baptized.)

Forrest Wickman explains

The church says it learned that such baptisms were occurring in 1991 and formally ordered a stop to them; when it received complaints from an organization of Holocaust survivors in 1995, it re-emphasized the directive and removed hundreds of thousands of names from genealogical records. Even so, members have disregarded the order again and again. … Mormons think of baptisms for the dead as a service to others, almost like adding family members’ names to a guest list. According to Mormon doctrine, dead people who are baptized by proxy don’t automatically join the church. Instead, they have the right to accept or reject the ordinance in the afterlife, and thus the chance to ascend to the highest levels in the afterlife, depending on what they decide.

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