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Typewriter Turns Your Words Into Cocktails: Video

WRITERS, authors and bloggers love the image of the upright typewriter. Sure, they don’t actually own one because they are utterly redundant and can’t be plugged into the mains.

You can’t pretend you’re working while dawdling around on twitter either.

That doesn’t stop them from adorning their worthless personal blogs with pictures of typewriters. This is especially foolish when you consider that there is a way… kinda… where you can make a typewriter that is of some use to a writer.

Basically, trade in your romantic, dewy notion of an archaic typing device and replace it with one that gets you blind drunk. If there’s one thing that writers like more than tapping out words, it’s alcoholism.

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Posted: 30th, September 2011 | In: Technology | Comment (1)