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Ahmadinejad Voted For Mousavi And Iran Twinned With Chicago

ahmadinejads-friendsMAHMOUD Ahmadinejad is President of Iran and all the Irans. The press goes bonkers. It’s a fix, right? Right? Right!

So fair is Ahmadinejad that even he voted For Mousavi.

But do not panic – Iran is to be twinned with Chicago. See, we’re not all that different.

Iran’s ex-Foreign Minister in an interview with The Nation’s Robert Dreyfuss:

A coup d’etat? They’ve already made one! They’ve created a dictatorship, in fact. Do you know that last night the security forces occupied the offices of many newspapers, to make sure that their reporting on the election was favorable? They changed many headlines.

They fixed the election.

The Guards are taking over everything, including many economic institutions. The ministry of the interior is increasing its control in all the provinces.

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Posted: 13th, June 2009 | In: Key Posts, Politicians | Comments (3)