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Mouse Battles Cracker (Video)

MOUSE V Cracker? Will he make it? Will the cracker prevail – or crack?

PS- Who makes Russian crackers – De Beers?

Posted: 31st, October 2013 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

Palestinian tortures Jewish mouse that ate his wages (photo)

A PALESTINIAN man living in Gaza was so annoyed a mouse had eaten his wages that he strung up the wee beastie. He suspended the animal by its limbs. He then took the creature’s picture and posted it on Facebook, doubtless as a warning to other mice, who are, as we know from watching this expert, all Jews.

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Win a mousetrap game, and see how the sneaky pests get in your home

Here at Anorak we like a bit of science, so we thought we’d show you this. It is a new vid from Rentokil which shows you how smart mice are and how they can get in your home.

If you think that gap under your door is too tiny for the scurrying mouse in hunt for food? Think again. A mouse can easily squeeze through holes the width of a pencil. Check this out

If you have got mice in your house go here for more information.

There’s even a cool Scamper Mouse video game on Facebook where you can experience what it’s like to be a house mouse. Rentokil are giving away a Mousetrap board game to the first 100 people to find the hidden Mousetrap game (UK residents only) on Facebook. You can also follow @scampermouse on Twitter and look out for #MouseMonday prizes.

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Man Finds Dead Monster In Monster Energy Drink

TO DES Moins, where Vitaliy Sulzhik opens his Monster Energy Drink to find a dead mouse inside. While it’s no monster, the mouse is close enough to suggest that the drink delivers exactly what is promises on the can.

Mr Sulzhik is suing the beverage makers. But he should reconsider. After all, what could invigorate you more than opening a restorative drink to find a horror within?

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Posted: 31st, March 2011 | In: The Consumer | Comment