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Kurt Cobain Conspiracy Theorist Sues Seattle Police Department

In this photo taken Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, a phrase reportedly written by Kurt Cobain, the late frontman of Nirvana, remains on the wall of his room at his childhood home in Aberdeen, Wash. Cobain's mother is putting the tired, 1.5-story Aberdeen bungalow on the market this week, the same month as the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's final studio album. The home, last assessed at less than $67,000, is being listed for $500,000, but the family would also be happy entering into a partnership with anyone who wants to turn it into a museum. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

In this photo taken Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, a phrase reportedly written by Kurt Cobain, the late frontman of Nirvana, remains on the wall of his room at his childhood home in Aberdeen, Wash. 

WHEN a pop star dies, some people get a bit more mental in the way they approach the band. Instead of liking the band for what they are and weighing up whether or not to feel sad about the plight of the singer or, indeed, the fact there’ll be no more records from them, they get bug-eyed and start acting like evangelical Apple fanboys.

One man, called Richard Lee, is a Kurt Cobain death conspiracy theorist and he’s suing the Seattle Police Department. He used to have a public access TV show called ‘Kurt Cobain Was Murdered’. It’s no ‘Everybody Loves Ray’.

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Hard Rock Musicians Are All Women-Hating Wife Killers In Waiting – Even Worse Than Hip Hop Crims

WHEN someone in Hip Hop does something bad, it gets blanket coverage. Papers will run stories about artists big in the rap game, but not exactly household names. Worse still for those that are well known. They’re hauled over coals and every two-bit writer starts penning opinion pieces on whether or not Hip Hop is inherently bad, while offering mealy-mouthed “hey, some of my best friends are rap albums!” by way of cred-seeking.

Hip Hop’s cousin, Heavy Metal (or Hard Rock, or whatever) is usually the only one willing to give rappers a day off. When Metal is tacked to a crime, people start writing worthless pieces about devil worshipping and using disenfranchised lyrics as proof that rock bands actually want their fans to commit crimes.

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Man killed in bed by falling cow

cow falling bed killed

JOAO Maria de Souza, 45, was killed when a cow squashed him in his bed.

Mr de Souza was in bed with his wife Leni in their Caratinga, Brazil, home when the cow  fell through the ceiling.

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Police arrest man for decapitating referee who murdered footballer he’d sent off

Octavio da Silva Catanhede

WHEN football referee Otavio Silva Cantanhede Jordan, 20 (seen above), red-carded Josenir Abre (below right), that wasn’t the end of it. Silva took out a knife and stabbed Abreu to death.

Fans watching the amateur match in Brazil invaded the pitch, stoned Silva to death, quartered him and as a final act that redefines headers, decapitated him. The fans then stuck Silva’s head on a stake in the middle of the pitch.

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All hail the life-sized Dexter cake!

dexter cake

DEXTER’S ‘dark passenger’ allows him to throw off the shackles of humdrum like in the ‘burbs and go around stabbing folk through the heart while they’re wrapped in clingfilm. Of course, he’s not real and we can’t hope to emulate him… until now!

Thanks to a life-sized cake replica of the TV serial killer, we can now stab Dexter Morgan! Then we can eat him like we’re Jeffrey Dahmer or something!

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The amusing plot to kidnap, castrate and kill Justin Bieber

WE’VE all been annoyed by Justin bloody Bieber at some point, with his wholesome little face and unwholesome views on rape.

With that, we can all have a chuckle at a plot that has been uncovered by court papers which showed that some ne’er-do-wells planned to kidnap the gyrating infant, as well as castrating and strangling him. We can laugh because it didn’t happen.

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Man murdered lover who interrupted his sleep

ERIC Brian Pauley tells the Putnam County Circuit Court, West Virginia,why he shot and killed Debra Rosiek, 52:

“She woke me up. . . . It made me mad she woke me up like that in the middle of the night…She come in, flipped the light on and started hollering.” 

Pauley, 50, has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter denied glorious British TV appearance because of some poxy murder

BRITISH television has been denied the appearance of glorious be-mulleted thunderberk, Dog the Bounty Hunter because of a little ol’ murder. Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman was apparently all set for an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother (yes, it would appear that this is a show that is still being aired, remarkably), but stupid suits put the scuppers on it and denied him a UK visa thanks to his conviction for a harmless murder in 1976.

The Seventies were a different time. Everyone was murdering each other back then weren’t they? But no, immigration swine stopped him and his tremendous mane from being locked in a house to go slightly mad over a series of televised weeks.


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Dappy gets in trouble for showing support to the murderer of Philip Lawrence

HEY! You know what’s a good idea? Being a celebrity and sticking up for someone who murdered headteacher Philip Lawrence! In fact, it is such a good idea to show support for a murderer that you should probably dedicate your pop video to him!

Isn’t that right Dappy?

That’s right. The bluntest spoon in the drawer and former N Dubz warbler, Dappy, in his new single Tarzan 2 (no, honestly), has the message “Free Leo Chindamo” in the opening credits. That’d be Chindamo who was jailed last year after breaching the terms of his licence by meeting a gang member, breaking a curfew and failing a breath test… oh, and stabbing Philip Lawrence outside his school in west London in ’95.

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Declan Hainey Murder: photos, the devil Kimberley Hainey and playing politics

DECLAN Hainey was murdered by his mother, Kimberley Hainey, 37. Declan Hanley’s body was left to rot in his cot for 8 months while Kimberley Hainey pretended he was alive. The Press Association has distributed photos of Declan’s home in Paisley, Renfrewshire. Declan was 15-months old when he was last seen alive. His body was partially-mummified.

The Daily Record calls Kimberley Hainey a “devil mum”.

As ever the tabloids seek to excuse the sink of human behaviour by cloaking it in something other than human. Hainey told the court:

“I was branded a monster mother. It’s not true. He was not murdered. He was not given drugs, I never did anything to harm my son. He was the most precious thing in my life.”

Janice Burns goes on to talk about Hainey in a more human setting:

Hainey was put on methadone after Declan’s birth in April 2008, and was under the care of Renfrewshire Council’s Family Matters team of health workers.

She was signed off the plan in August 2009 and her case was closed. Workers were satisfied at the time that Declan was a much cared-for child.

Declan was last seen about the same time. His gran, Elizabeth Rodden, found him dead at his home in Paisley in March last year.

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Richard Smith: Pudsey Family ‘Slaughter’ Becomes A Play Along Murder Mystery

RICHARD Smith murdered his wife Claire two young children, Ben, nine, and Aaron, one, with a knife. He then set fire to the family home in Pudsey, West Yorkshire. Richard Smith died from smoke inhalation.

The Daily Mirror leads with a studio portrait of the family taken a few months before the horror and states: “SENSELESS.”

The paper couches the loss of life in the mundanity of the day to day:

“A trip to see Santa, a kids’ football team Christmas party, but hours later thy were all dead. So how did a row over dad’s flirting lead him to slaughter his perfect wife and children?”

The Mirror calls the children “adorable“. It says the wife was “perfect“. The Mirror is tugging at heartstrings. It seeks to stir emotion with a heavy spoon.

The Sun says the picture of the family is “heartrending“. The paper even manages to tell readers what Richard Smith was thinking:

Proud dad Richard Smith poses for an idyllic family portrait — alongside the “perfect” wife and sons he killed at the weekend.

Who needs phone hacking when you can read minds?

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Amanda Knox: Going Down The Book Route, Rather Than The Nuts Magazine One

GETTING acquitted of murdering someone must be brilliant. Firstly, it means you didn’t kill someone. Secondly, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life in prison. Thirdly, if you’re Amanda Knox, you get to become something of an overnight celebrity with loads of sympathy.

This rule doesn’t work if you’re OJ Simpson sadly.

Anyway, Knox has hired a big-time lawyer (who, if you want to know how big, has represented President Barack Obama and others) to negotiate possible book deals. Appointed is Washington, D.C.-based lawyer Robert Barnett “to represent her in discussions with various book publishers who have expressed an interest in Amanda writing a book,” Knox’s spokesman David Marriott told Reuters.

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Amanda Knox First Press Conference Is An Emotional One (Video)

AMANDA Knox is back on US soil for the first time in more than four years, and moments after stepping off a plane last night in Seattle, the woman who did not kill Meredith Kercher spoke to reporters about her overturned murder conviction in Italy.

She said:

“I’m really overwhelmed right now. I was looking down from the airplane and it was like nothing was real.”

“What’s important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who’s believed in me, who’s defended me, who’s supported my family.”

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Michael Jackson’s Trial Won’t Have Video Thanks To Worried Businessmen

WHILE Michael Jackson’s relatives cash-in on the interest surrounding the imminent trial of Dr Conrad Murray and his magical propofol, everyone has eyes squarely on the courtroom.

Will it be televised? Will Jackson’s naked body be displayed on air (you can titter, but this is a genuine possibility)? Will Dr Conrad Murray ever get anything close to a fair trial thanks to constant media coverage and opinion?

Either way, raw film footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing a planned concert in the days before his death isn’t going to be shown to the jury after a ruling from a Los Angeles judge, which is bad news for the prosecutors.

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La Toya Jackson Claims That Michael Was Murdered Like A Mad Conspiracy Theorist (Photos)

MURDER! That’s what Officer La Toya Jackson is crying at the moment about the untimely passing of her very dead brother, Michael Jackson.

What would make her say such a thing? A quest for the truth? Or is it to promote her new new autobiography, ‘Starting Over’? We don’t need to answer that do we? So what is La Toya ‘David Icke’ Jackson claiming then? Bizarrely, she seems to be suggesting that he was murdered for his music catalogue.

La Toya says that Michael feared that there were people who wanted him dead so they could steal his music estate.

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Rihanna Shoots A Rapist Dead

POP music has always traded on sex and shock to shift units. Elvis Presley used to gyrate like a man in the bath with a two-bar heater and Madonna made a whole book dedicated to making sheltered people gasp in astonishment (the rest of us were just sickened at the appearance of a shirtless Vanilla Ice).

And so, it isn’t really surprising when a new pop-star comes along and starts talking about taboo things. And, lately, Rihanna has been ramping things up. She made a record called S&M, which saw her talking about how much whips and chains excited her… and now she’s going to kill a rapist on our televisions.

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Abdelbasset al-Megrahi: Lies, Murder, Money News Round-Up

LOCKERBIE bomber Abdelbasset al-Megrahi refuses to make things easy and die of his terminal prostate cancer. One year after his release from a Scotland’s Greenock prison – when he was given three months to live – the convicted mass murderer remains alive and free in Libya. He was scheduled to die on October 28 2009.

He lives. Any death bed confession or testimony will not be heard in the UK.

The media news round-up:

An Innocent Man

Scottish MP Christine Grahame (SNP) says:

She said there were “gaping holes” in the case brought against Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, who was the only one convicted of the bombing, which raised serious questions over “the safety of his conviction”.

Who Speaks For The Victims?

Speaking on the eve of today’s anniversary, Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray asked: “How much compassion did his government show to the American relatives of the 270 people killed at Lockerbie?”

The Victims Speak

“We were promised that anyone convicted would serve their sentence in Scotland,” explains Mary Kay Stratis – Elia’s widow and Sonia’s mother. “We feel betrayed by governments.”

Ms Stratis says she will walk down the aisle with a picture of her father, who was killed aboard the flight. And Mary Kay Stratis voices a concern shared by almost all the American relatives. “We are sceptical about any release based on compassion. We are wondering whether there was some other reason why he was released.”

Another adds:

“The whole thing stinks,” says Peter Lowenstein, whose 20-year-old son Alexander was among the 189 American victims – two-thirds of the total number who died. – BBC

How Long Does he have To Live?

Free for a year, Megrahi ‘could live another two’ – First Post

Lockerbie bomber could live until 2017, say doctors – Mail

So Who Said He Only Had 3 Months?

Megrahi was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in September 2008. When he was released last year, Mr MacAskill said he based his decision on numerous comprehensive medical reports including opinions of consultants who had treated the bomber.

Mr MacAskill was provided with reports and recommendations by the governor of Greenock Prison, the doctors and prison social work staff. He also consulted the parole board.

But the only publicly available document on Megrahi’s health is from Dr Andrew Fraser who, although he is the SPS director of health and care, is not a cancer specialist. While describing the three-month prognosis as “reasonable”, his report states that no-one “would be willing to say” if Megrahi would live longer.

On The Offensive

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “Any celebration of Megrahi’s release would be tasteless, offensive and deeply insensitive to the victims’ families. We have made our concerns clear to the Libyan government.”

What is more offensive to the victims’ families – letting the killer of 270 people go free or a party?

Party On!

A huge party is planned in Tripoli with thousands of teenagers wearing T-shirts showing the murderer’s face. And a giant screen will show Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi arriving home to a hero’s welcome in Tripoli on August 20 last year.

The Deal

Precisely what role BP played in securing Megrahi’s release, or what bearing this had on its $900 million oil exploration contract, remains unclear. The company says it did no more than lobby the Scottish Parliament for a prisoner swap. But many senior officials in the Obama administration believe that BP was more deeply involved. They point to the role played by Sir Mark Allen, a former senior MI6 officer who headed the negotiations that persuaded Libya to stop work on its nuclear weapons programme, in late 2003, and wrote to the Foreign Office seeking Megrahi’s release – Con Coughlin

This Is Well Put

As al Megrahi flew home to a hero’s welcome, Mr MacAskill sounded as though he was giving him the last rites by referring to him facing sentence by a “higher power”. His cancer was supposed to be aggressive and untreatable.

Now Mr MacAskill says the prognosis was “not an exact science”. Doctors advised him that three months was a “reasonable” estimate”, but none could say if he would live longer.

Many might ask why the release was not delayed until the prognosis was stronger, but these doubts will ensure that conspiracy theories over external pressures will continue along with strained relations with certain factions in the US.

Poor Mr MacAskill

Scotland’s justice secretary has defended his decision to release the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing – describing it as “probably the hardest decision that I’ve ever had to make”. – STV

Mr MacAskill said: “It was a decision I HAD to make. It’s clear he has lived longer than three months but it’s also undeniable he is terminally ill.” – Sun

The Student

Megrahi arrived in the UK in 1971 to study engineering at Cardiff College of Technology.

Anyone know him from back then..?

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Man Beaten To Death On Sri Lankan TV Show

diagnosis_murder-showMORE murder as entertainment now, as we follow the video of a man being slain in Naples and a man being assassinated in India with Sir Lankan TV’s footage of a man being drowned by the police.

A “large crowd” looks on as a man being beaten in the water by police jumps into the Indian ocean to escape and drowns.

For those of you can’t make it to the live show, TV cameras roll.

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Hamas Launches Children’s Suicide Bomb TV Show

hamas-killersHAMAS TV puts on a great show, and in this week’s issue we hear from Reem Riyashi’s two young children enthusing about how when mummy blew herself to bits she also murdered four Jews – yeah, it’s four for gore little ‘un – and went to Paradise.

In next week’s show, Hamas will uses sticky back tape to put mum back together again. Run VT. then run:

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Murder, Money And Madeleine McCann

MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – murder and money…

THE Sun continues the public line of enquiry that a new suspect is now sought. Or as the Sun puts it:

“Murder suspect link to Maddie.”

Murder. Maddie. Make the link. The Third Summer of Maddie is upon us and speculation is once more rife.

Tom Wells drops the bucket and pulls up:

A MURDER suspect was linked to the search for missing Madeleine McCann yesterday. Private detectives working for her parents Kate and Gerry want to quiz the man – who is being held in a British jail after being charged.

But investigators may be forced to wait until his case is dealt with by the courts. The man is believed to be on a list of seven drawn up by the McCanns’ expert team.

Only seven?

The Daily Star bring news that “MADDIE COP TOOK £100K”.
ONE of the first officers at the scene the night Madeleine McCann disappeared had £100,000 deposited in bank accounts soon after, it was claimed.

How soon after?

The policeman is being investigated by anti-corruption detectives, Portuguese TV station TVI reported…

The television station, which did not name the corporal under investigation, said several payments were made into two accounts in the officer’s name “shortly after Maddie’s disappearance”.

The copper says:

The TV channel said the policeman denied knowing anything about the money and suggested his name may have been used without his know-ledge to open the accounts…

Costa Lima, spokesman for the GNR, told newspaper 24 Horas: “We have not opened any investigation into any officer involved in the Maddie case, nor do we have knowledge of any other body investigating anyone.”

Such are the facts.

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Husband Of Woman Charged With Child Murder Complains About Police Mugshot

IN Chicago, Nour Hadid faces a first-degree murder charge following the beating death of her two-year-old niece. But her husband Alaeddin says a worse crime has been committe.

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Man Tries to Kill Mother In Law With Anti-Tank Rocket

BOSNIAN Miroslav Miljici has been jailed for six years for trying to kill his mother-in-law with an anti-tank missile launcher.

Mr Miljici claimed she’d turned his wife against him.

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Police Log: Daughter And Grandson Cook Granny On Thanksgiving Barbecue

POLICE Log: Anorak’s Look At Crime In The News…

“Two suspected of burning their relative’s remains in barbecue, stealing checks,” says the news from the US of A.

Anorak investigates:

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