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Michael Jackson Tomb Tour: Pictures Of The Crypt, Murray Mania And Dolls

jackson-cryptMICHAEL Jackson continues to entertain. The court case with Dr Conrad Murray looms large and fans and look-alikes keen to revisit those halcyon days of the last time Jacko was in court are invited to buy the Jackson doll, made from authentic Jackson plastic and tape.

The Most Bizarre And Worst Celebrity Dolls Ever Made

In the meantime, you can rock up to the Jackson mausoleum and see if you can glimpse the star. Anorak’s Man in LA writes:

THIS has been happening on the third of each month since October, when a small group of Jackson fanatics first gathered to deliver flowers, cards and balloons to the singer’s well-guarded crypt.

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Posted: 5th, February 2010 | In: Celebrities | Comments (4)