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Muslim ‘parasites’ and Jewish ‘Hitlers’ blamed for Islington Council’s ‘ban on pork’

News that Islington Council (Labour) “banned” pork from primary schools in the London borough thrilled the media. The story that Muslims and Jews had forced all kids to miss out on pork sausages and any other way you can slice and dice Peppa Pig was an affront to lunch and British values.

The story isn’t true. Islington has not banned pork. If you want it, your school has to ask for it. It is not served as a matter of routine. But nit is not “banned”.

Daily Star readers were quick to latch on to the story that began in the Islington Gazette. The Gazette’s scoop featured not a single word from a Muslim or Jew. And no other papers sought to update that glaring omission.


pork ban islington 183




In the Daily Star, once proud supporters of the EDL, the story contained not one word from an anti-pork Jew or Muslim. And the comments are not exactly reasoned:





Jews will be relieved to hear that they no longer caused World War 2 and now realise that the lack of chopsticks and not guns was the barrier to defeating the Nazis and smashing the ghettoes.

Muslims are sub-human, raw and decaying flesh feeders. They won’t eat pork, but they might eat you.

And it’s all part of a wider problem. First they came for our sausages:.






London Evening Standard readers also respond to the news story – a story that contained not a single word from a Muslim or Jew.


pork ban islington 2.


pork ban islington 12.


pork ban islington 123.


The Islington Gazette airs similar views from its readers:


pork ban


Happily, over in the Telegraph, there is a voice of reason:




There is no evidence that a Jew or a Muslim asked for this “ban” on pork.

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Cross Dressers: Non Muslim Men Wear Burqas For Cheap Thrills (Video)

SOME men just love dressing up in women’s clothes. On Tuesday, it’s nuns…

And, given that these cross-dressers are Australian, on Saturday, it’s Aussie Rules boobtubes and hotpants…

Today, the Cross Dressers (geddit?!) are wearing burqas. If you see them entering the ladies toilets, call the police.

And someone tell the man with the handbag to cool it:


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Der Ewige Chicken: The Sun’s Pizza Express Expose Is Another Blow For The Modern Nazi

DID you know the chicken on Pizza Express salads and pizzas is halal? You did? The Sun didn’t. But it just found out:


Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 11.07.35


The facts come thicker than the Polish waitress’s Caesar dressing:

–   All chicken killed in line with Islamic law
— No mention of it on restaurant’s menus
— Staff will only tell customers if they ask

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Row Over Muslim Woman’s Pubic Hair Costs Taxpayers £350,000

high court pubic copy

TO shave or not to shave? What says the judge who oversaw a case costing £350,000 that hinged on whether a disabled 23-year-old Muslim woman should have shaved pubic hair?

Her parents wanted it shaved before she returned home to live with them. They said it was a Muslim matter. The council, which cares for the woman, said it was unsure if the woman understood what the procedure meant. So. It went to court.

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Fox News attack Muslim author on Jesus for not being Christian enough – audience agrees

reza aslan

ACCORDING to the Fox News religion expert, Lauren Green, you can only write about Jesus if you’re a Christian. This explains why only ex-footballers are allowed to talk about soccer on Fox, Republicans are only able to discuss their party with any insight and Fox’s roving reporter ZogH1 is the leading authority on space travel.

Richard Bartholomew looks at the idiocy.

ONE does not expect much from Fox News at the best of times; but a recent interview with Reza Aslan has – deservedly – come under particular mockery for the interviewer’s ignorance and bad faith.

The interview was conducted by Lauren Green, who is described as being “a religion correspondent” for Fox, and it concerned Aslan’s new book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. Green appeared to no know little of the book or of scholarship in general, and the segment consists exclusively of her demanding an explanation from Aslan about why a Muslim would write a book about Jesus.

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Madonna has to point out irony of calling Obama a ‘black Muslim’

IT is a sorry state of affairs when people have to point out when they’re using irony. And Madonna, a notorious sarcastic ol’ thing, has had to do exactly that after everyone got jumpy about her calling Barack Obama a “black Muslim” during a show in Washington

A video shows Madge saying: “Now, it’s so amazing and incredible to think that we have an African-American in the White House … we have a black Muslim in the White House … it means there is hope in this country, and Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man!”

Cue a pointless furore, to which Madonna (who we’re legally obliged to refer to as ‘The Material Girl’ at some point in this article) responded:

“I was being ironic on stage. Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim – though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is. And what if he were? The point I was making is that a good man is a good man, no matter who he prays to. I don’t care what religion Obama is – nor should anyone else in America.”

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Tohseef Shah, Emdadur Choudhury, Poppy Burners And EDL Mosque Vandals

AN email doing the rounds claims two men have been sentenced to six months choky for daubing a big red poppy on the side of the Portsmouth Jami Mosque:

In May 2010 Tohseef Shah spray painted a British War Memorial with “Islam will dominate Osama” he was fined £50 & walked free from court.

In November 2010, Emdadur Choudhury burned a Poppy during the 2mins silence. He too was given a fine, £50 and walked free from court.

Last week in a Portsmouth Court, 2 men were sentenced to 6 months in prison for painting a Poppy on a mosque.

Pass this on if you think its a f*ck*n disgrace !!

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Sara Raylance And Fazy Uddin’s ‘Muslim’ Death

TEENAGED lovers Sara Rylance died trying to save her boyfriend Fayz Uddin, who had fallen into a canal in Smethwick. Both died. The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph made this story about Muslims.In their fevered minds, Fayz’s religion was in some way complicit in the lovers’ deaths. There is not a shred of evidence to support their stance. All we get is a source telling us that “cultural differences” meant the lovers kept their romance secret from his parents.

The Mail reported:

Muslim boy and non-Muslim girl in ‘forbidden love’ relationship die after falling into canal

The Telegraph oozed:

Muslim boy and non-Muslim girl in secret romance die after falling canal [sic]

To place the word “Muslim” at the start of the story is dishonest and repugnant journalism.

So. To the Daily Star, whereon the deaths is front-page news.

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Daily Mail Uses Koran Burning EDL Member To Attack Muslims

TODAY’S anti-Muslim story is brought to you by the ever-busy “Daily Mail Reporter”. Andy Ryan, 32, and, reportedly a member of the English Defence League, has been sent to jail for 70 days for burning a copy of the Koran he stole from a library in Carlisle.

The story is not about Muslims. The story is about a thief who burns books.

But in the Mail the news becomes:

A man has been jailed for 70 days today after he burnt a copy of the Koran just over a month after a Muslim got away with a paltry £50 fine for a similar offence.

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Muslim Poppy Day Burners Sicken Those Free To Be Offended

TO Belmarsh Magistrates’ Court, where Mohammad Haque and Emdadur Choudhury are accused of burning poppies on the anniversary of Armistice Day. Mr Haque is not a smack head nor is he a policeman torching the seized contraband; he is a member of the Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades (MAC).

It is alleged that on November 11 at Kensington Gore, Haque and Choudhury employed threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within hearing or sight of persons who could be alarmed or distressed by this.

On a video shown in court Muslim men can be heard chanting during the two minute silence:

“Burn, burn British soldiers, British soldiers burn in hell.”

“British soldiers – murderers, British soldiers – rapists, British soldiers – terrorists.”

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Daily Mail Warns That American Muslims Are Coming

APOLOGIES to those of you who emailed in to say that we had missed the Mail’s news that the “Number of British Muslims will double to 5.5m in 20 years”.

The wonderfully named Steve Doughty’s piece based on guessology by the Pew Centre is illustrated by photo of a woman in a burka ready to march across a map of the world. The impression is that more Muslims is not a good thing.

Readers are told:

Britain to have more Muslims than Kuwait by 2030

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Spam Text Message Triggers Suicide Bomb In Russia

SPAM has saved lives in Russia. The Muslim suicide bomber looking to cause carnage in Moscow was carrying a device triggered by an incoming SMS message. Trouble is that the actual trigger was undone by an ealier message, something like “I’m on the train”, “What U wearing?” or “Meet Russian girls – just send reply text”.

The unnamed woman, who is thought to be part of the same group that struck Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on Monday, intended to detonate a suicide belt on a busy square near Red Square on New Year’s Eve in an attack that could have killed hundreds.

Security sources believe a spam message from her mobile phone operator wishing her a happy new year received just hours before the planned attack triggered her suicide belt, killing her but nobody else.

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Man Bans Pork Eating Muslims From Electrical Shop

THERE are no Muslims eating pork at the Electronic Repair Company in Alabama.

The store’s owner, Chuck Biddinger, has erected a sign that carries the legend:


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Is Roshonara Choudhry A Victim Of Her Religion?

ROSHONARA Choudhry has been sentenced to live in jail for trying to murder Stephen Timms because he’s an MP and she did not approve of his support on the was in Iraq. But how does the media bill her? She needs a label. Is she Muslim, a student, a terrorist, or a Londoner?

Is labeling her a Muslim a statement of fact or just part of her that fits an agenda? No words arrive on a news page by accident.

Choudhry was studying English and communications at King’s College, London, She dropped out in 2010. So. She’s a student, right? Although she knifed her local MP, so isn’t Choudhry primarily a Londoner?

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Anti-Muslim Bias: Mail Says Muslims Ban Stockport Beverley From Cooking Bacon In Cafe

TODAY’S anti-Muslim story arrives via the Daily Mail, wherein we learn about Stockport friar Beverley Akciecek’s predicament at Beverley’s Snack Shack takeaway in the Shaw Heath area:

Cafe owner ordered to remove extractor fan ‘because smell of frying bacon offends Muslims

We learn:

A hard-working cafe owner has been ordered to tear down an extractor fan – because the smell of her frying bacon ‘offends’ Muslims.

That is the hard-worker who put up an extractor fan without planning permission? She applied retrospectively. It was refused.

Anorak has polled Muslims here at the Towers can say that 9 out of ten Muslims are offended by the smell of frying bacon because it seems so bloody delicious. The other Muslim – the 10% – says he has no idea what bacon is but is interested in new cultures and learning more about it.

Planning bosses acted against Beverley Akciecek, 49, after being told her next-door neighbour’s Muslim friends had felt ‘physically sick’ due to the ‘foul odour’.

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Muslims Banned From Burnley College – Well, If It Get Comments

THE Lancashire Telegraph is at it again – trying to stir up a bit of excitement with some It’s Those Muslims Again… news, writes Karen.

The story goes that Burnley College has put up a notice in the reception area stating that any item covering face must be removed before entering the campus – veils, helmets, scarves, masks and mud creams must all be removed.

There are already 25 comments and I’m sure it will be in the top 10 soon.
I think some of the commenters copy and paste the same old rubbish every time there’s a story like this.

There is so much rubbish to read through, the same old arguments that it’s making me nod off. The LT knew exactly what they were doing and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that an Asian reporter wrote it.

Here’s a small selection:

timeforcommonsense, Clayton_le_moors says…

The wearing of such clothing has only become prolific since we chose to meddle in someone else war. It is nothing more than a two fingers to our country and it’s indigenous population. There is no place for it in this country. After seeing two terrorists escape the country desguised in such a way and various robbers using such a mask to hide their identity during their crime it is time everybody grew a spine and said enough is enough, ban the burkha. As for Abdul Hamid Qureshi, who is still involved in community cohesion. How does hiding behind a mask promote cohesion. It’s simple if you don’t like it there are plenty of muslim countries that will allow you to do everything you want to including hiding your identity.

Chris P Bacon, Colne says…

Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same as I do whenever you see someone in a burka? It makes me **** myself laughing that such stupid people would willingly dress like that. They deserve our scorn and contempt. They look ridiculous. Stupidly ridiculous.

abdul786 wrote:
Its sad both Burnley college and have got some serious issues when dealing with ethnic minority pupils and staff, I woulb be interested in knowing how many asian staff are there at this college also we need to look at other colleges in the area as well and if Asians are not given equal rights then we should send the pupils elsewhere. I am not surprised that an Islamic College has opened in Burnley to meet the needs of Muslim pupils.

five, burnley says…
12:58pm Thu 23 Sep 10
You and the rest of your clan are no longer welcome in the UK.
Go home England maybe your birth place but England is not your home.

bikerjohn_uk, Burnley says…

LT haven’t exactly helped themselves with their choice of journalist to cover the story. But wake up pal, you’re obviously one of the deluded liberals who is floundering under the day dream that is multiculturalism. As long as there are different cultures, we will NEVER see eye to eye and communities will never integrate – mainly because they don’t want to integrate.

abdullah, blackburn says…

No bikerjohn the journalist covering this story does not wear a burka,does that mean mean she is integrated,do you accept her as youre fellow British compatriot.What it does highlight is that some muslim women dont cover their heads with scarves,some do and some wear a burkha,just shows they are members of the same faith who conduct themselves differently.The only ones who dont want to integrate is the fringe idiots in the Asian community and the right wing ignorant racists who have re-branded themselves as Islamaphobes. Multiculturalism is alive and well,in fact its thriving.This is shown by the investments from abroad into this country.Look at the city you will have a multicultural workforce.Look at Rovers they might have a Indian owner.The richest person in UK yes he is Indian.The owners of Man u,Liverpool are Americans.Thinking like little islanders will get you nowhere.You can do nothing but moan about everything around you.Get off youre backsides and instead of moaning do something positive

lancastrian lass wrote: bikerjohn…if an asian family move next door to you will your house go up for sale? And if it does, is it you who doesn’t want to integrate or “them”???

bikerjohn_uk wrote:
As the house next door to me is four miles away, I don’t give a flying monkey butt who moves in to it. But I maintain that anyone who comes to the United Kingdom should integrate with those already here, not the other way about; anyone is welcome to the UK provided that they are prepared to live as British citizens, which means abiding by British law. As an immigrant, if you don’t like it, you are also entitled to that other great British right – the right to leave.

brfcianbrfc, blackburn says…

I would move if an asian family moved next door. The whole area would soon be asain. If you stay your house price would drop and the area would soon become a litter bin as we can see when we drive round these areas now.
When you eventually decide to sell the mosque will have fixed a price and you will just have to take the money and run. That unfortunatly is white flight.

Padiham_Teacher wrote:
Congratulations LET, once again you have fueled the fires of East Lancs racial tension. I hope you’re really proud of yourselves.
The postings on this thread range from vaguely interesting to downright disgusting. I sincerely hope that the next generation of young people in this area don’t grow up to be as bigoted as their parents. Only then do we have a chance of living in a more tolerant society.

This is not a race issue but as usual, the BNP and their sympathisers have managed to twist the subject to fit their disgusting political beliefs. The shocking part is that effectively, the ‘impartial’ press has helped them.
Well done!!!

icannotrace, says...

My thoughts exactly. Surely the LET realise by now that this sort of story stirs up all the usual posters with all the usual posts.

I can just imaging in the LET offices. “Hey I’ve got a good story let’s publish it and take bets on how many posts it will receive in the first hour”

And then do some fact checking, maybe. Another inaccuracy in the report is:

“It is the only college in the area to bring in the move with Blackburn College, St. Mary’s College and Accrington and Rossendale College having no such ban.”

I was at an opening evening at St. Mary’s last night and the invitation letter mentioned that you should check the dress code before attending, which means it also applies to visitors. Here’s the first rule:

Faces must not be obscured in any way by hats, motorcycle helmets, hoods, veils or any other items because staff may not be able to judge engagement with learning and the degree of understanding. Facial coverings could also hamper involvement in discussion groups, practical work and communication with other members of the College.”

There are loads of stories about this today and the reported reaction ranges from criticism to fury with a bit of outrage in between.

More It’s Those Muslims Again… stories to follow…

Image: via Tim Blair

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How Terry Jones’ Koran Burning Stunt Killed Peace In The Punjab And Blackburn

TERRY Jones’s media-aggrandised threat to burn the Koran has resulted in the destruction of a church built with cash donated by the good people of Blackburn, Lancashire. Or not?

The church in Malerkotla, in the Punjab, was built after Pleckgate local Raj Bilas started a campaign to raise money for place of Christian worship in the place of his birth.

Says he in the Lancashire Telegraph, which states that the Church was burnt down:

“There were rumours that the Koran burning in Florida had happened. There was a mob that got together and they took their anger out on the church… The town is mainly Muslim and Christian and both religions have always got on well. There have never been tensions.”

Perhaps not, but it didn’t take all that much for the Church to be destroyed. The nearby Christian Society Mission School was also set on fire.

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Muslim Worker Challenges Disneyland’s ‘Ban’ On Hijab

THE burqa battle goes to Disneyland. Our Man in LA looks at the case of Imane Boudial, who is suing Disneyland over their strict dress code:

Disneyland refers to its employees as “cast members“, with a dress code that’s been relaxed over the past fifty years but remains relatively strict. The “Disney look” is meant to ensure all teh guests feel comfortable around all the cast members.

Female cast members can wear small stud or smaller hoop earrings; men may not wear earrings. Fingernails that are long, dirty or painted in a color that is not natural are not allowed. Hair must be of a natural color, looking natural even if it’s not the natural color. Makeup must be only on women, minimal, and natural-looking. Visible tattoos are expressly forbidden. Male cast members are still forbidden from having long hair, sideburns can’t pass the earlobes, and mustaches can’t extend beyond the corners of the employee’s mouth.

This week, a cast member challenged the dress code.

Imane Boudial filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in downtown Los Angeles yesterday.

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Rochdale Rips Out ‘Muslim Toilets’ From Shopping Centre

“MUSLIM toilets” for Rochdale update: the Manchester Evening News reports that those “Eastern style squatting toilets” earmarked for the Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre are not to be.

‘Muslim Toilets’ Blocked In Rochdale And Other Bullshit Daily Star News

Well, they have already been installed. But they are to be ripped out due to “public outrage nationwide”. Those Parisian-style toilets by the multi-story car park between pillars 1 and 4 remains in use. This man prefers to use his own mobile facilities like many civilised Westerners.

Rochdale’s ‘Muslim-Only Toilets’ And Other Daily Star Crap

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Stop The Manhattan Mosque – It’s In A Muslim Zero Tolerance Area

PLANS to construct an Islamic community centre close to near ground zero have fallen foul of the Anti Defamation League. It’s freedom, for sure, But it is a freedom that might cause offence. Freedom means you have the right to be offended. As the report on Ground Zero (Zero Intolerance)  goes:

Proponents of the Islamic Center may have every right to build at this site, and may even have chosen the site to send a positive message about Islam. The bigotry some have expressed in attacking them is unfair, and wrong. But ultimately this is not a question of rights, but a question of what is right. In our judgment, building an Islamic Center in the shadow of the World Trade Center will cause some victims more pain –unnecessarily — and that is not right.

So. All Muslims caused 9/11? How close to Ground Zero is it ok to build a Muslim community centre? We need guidance, people. Is it one mile? Ten miles? 1,000 miles?

Spottter: Wonkette

The 9/11 Anniversary In Pictures

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‘Muslim Toilets’ Blocked In Rochdale And Other Bullshit Daily Star News

THE Daily Starblocked Muslim-only loos”. So says the Daily Star on its front page. How did it block those “Muslim” loos, readers? Perhaps with a rolled up copy of the Daily Star coated in a bullshit story?

“We get hole in the ground toilets banned”


PLANS for Muslim-only loos at a major shopping centre are going down the pan. Outraged council chiefs have demanded British-style toilets are used instead of Middle East-style squat holes.

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Boobquake: Seducing Armageddon With Breasts

WHAT caused Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Well global warming did. And women. And gays. One woman, Jennifer McCreigh, is doing her bit for science. She will show her chest and see if the almighty unleashes a tidal wave of devastation on Earth.

She has luanched Boobquake on Facebook. More than 20,000 vow to show as much cleavage as possible on Monday, April 26. If Hojjat ol-eslam Kazem Sediq is right, we will all die.

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No Superbugs From Allah Rules Department Of Health

NO Superbugs from Allah rules the Department of Health has announced which decrees that female Muslim staff can cover their arms even though earlier guidance says all staff should be “bare below the elbow“. The long sleeves were linked to the spread of killer superbugs. But the NHS says Muslims can maintain their modesty by wearing long sleeves.

It’s not quite as terrible as the Mail says in aloaded headline:

Muslim nurses CAN cover up… but Christian colleagues can’t wear crucifixes

Muslims who want to wear long sleeves can sport disposable over-sleeves:

Disposable over-sleeves can be worn where gloves are used but strict adherence to washing hands and wrists must be observed before and after use.

And if you want to wear a crucifix you can so long as it’s not a chain about your neck. So, you can wear one pinned to your undergarments or in your pocket or on ring under gloves or on a bracelet pushed up when treating patients. Or on beads. Is there a rule that states a crucifix must be worn about the neck?

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Belgian Moves To Ban The Veil

BELGIUM finds a purpose: “The draft law proposes to criminalize wearing clothing that covers all or part of the face, including the facial veil known as the niqab and the full outer garment, or burqa, widely worn in Afghanistan.”- Spotter; here

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Australian ‘Suicide Bombers’ Not Muslim

al-qaeda1AN alleged plot in to kill by suicide bombs in Australia is exposed. How does the mainstream media respond? Well:

As Tim Blair notes, “The four men are of Somali and Lebanese background. All hold Australian citizenship. They are said to be followers of Islamist terror organisation al-Shabaab, about whom warnings have previously been issued.”

Somali Community in Victoria spokesman Abdurahman Osman says he’s been warning about the rise of terror groups in Australia for years.

He told Radio 3AW this morning that he had raised the prospect of a terror attack in Australia at least 10 times over the past three years on community radio broadcasts, because of the activities of al-Shabaab around the world.

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