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Blame Apple For Seeing Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence In The Nude

WHO to blame for the naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence and, reportedly, 100 other stars leaked on the web? The hackers who took images from the star’s iCloud account? No. David Auerbach blames Apple:

Apple is currently delighted that people are talking about how you shouldn’t take naked photos of yourself in the first place, but make no mistake: Apple has been provably irresponsible with users’ security. It is currently unclear how the naked photos were gathered—most likely through a number of different methods and different servers over a period of months if not years. What isclear is that Apple has had a known security vulnerability in its iCloud service for months and has been careless about protecting its users. Apple patched this vulnerability shortly after the leak, so even if we’re not sure of exactly how the photos got hacked, evidently Apple thinks it might have had something to do with it. Whether or not this particular vulnerability was used to gather some of the photos—Apple is not commenting, as usual, but the ubiquity and popularity of Apple’s products certainly points to the iCloud of being a likely source—its existence is reason enough for users to be deeply upset at their beloved company for not taking security seriously enough.

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Japanese want to put undercrackers on naked statues

ARTISTS are all absolute filth aren’t they? Go into any gallery and chances are, you’ll see some boobs or, worse still, a little naked, flying child.

Children themselves are encouraged to go into galleries, surrounded by sexual images of bored looking women, naked-from-the-waist-down hobo-looking blokes and infant arses, which means that art is going to corrupt them, no question. No wonder we’re all dirty minded buggers.

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Boobs on sale for advertising!

REMEMBER when Homer Simpson sold off bits of his body for advertisements? Everyone bought blue pants and remembered to chow down on Maine potatoes.

Well, one mysterious individual has decided to sell the space on her boobies.

For money, you can put adverts on them. Adverts. On real life human breasts.

Of course, with this being breasts rather than male genitalia (which no-one wants to look at, including gay men and randy women), there’s been rather a lot of interest.

Clients can advertise their products or events on one of her breasts for a bargain £5, with a special offer of just £9 available for both. Seems reasonable.

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Journalists go mental and naked on Rihanna’s 777 flight

EVEN though Rihanna is the most annoying popstar on the planet (seriously, we get it – you’ve got a pair of buttocks you’d like us all to see and you will continue to try and make money out of an abusive relationship), even she doesn’t compare to the infuriating potential of a plane filled with Rihanna fans, sycophants and, worst of all, journalists and critics.

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Posted: 19th, November 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Miley Cyrus: Not dead, but owner of serious sideboob

WHAT a week it has been for Miley Cyrus. Firstly, we got the chance to see her sideboob in a photo that was leaked online showing the mercifully legal singer naked, in the bath and now, she’s not dead! She’s probably most thrilled about the ‘being alive’ thing.

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Rihanna likens The Sun to a ‘baggy ass condom’

TIRESOME she may be, but Rihanna is showing good value this week as she takes her claws out and aims them directly at the heart of The Sun. Of late, she’s been very keen to voice her displeasure at the tabloid, but nothing quite prepared us all for the insult she conjured up this week.

It all started when The Sun suggesting that RiRi used a body double in her risque Armani ad, saying that a woman named Jahnassa was used in the shoot as a body double, especially those concerning a rear end.

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Alexa Chung and Amy Childs show off their very different bodies online

CELEBRITIES are always posting pictures of themselves on twitter and such. They love it. They love to show off their glamorous lives and harvest all that attention we needily throw at them. Rihanna has long been a fan of posting images of herself in various states of undress on twitter, while Serena Williams is adorably odd when uploading images to Instagram.

With that, two celebrities have provoked a very different response from mere mortals while flaunting their bodies online.

The deeply, intensely, profoundly annoying Alexa Chung may have left our screens but she’s still at large, being all… Alexa Chungy. She posed for a picture with her mum while on holiday and shared it to following Instagrammers. She inevitably didn’t allow for the enormous amounts of grief she would be getting for it (that’s because, by and large, it is hard to imagine she could ever think of anything that isn’t Alexa Chung).

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One Direction’s Harry Styles in nude photo leak? Really?

WOAH! There’s a picture that is supposed to be of Harry Styles, with his wang-direction hanging out, floating around online. Effectively, it’s what every child in Britain has been waiting for. It’s what every adult woman has also been waiting for, but can’t say so, for fear of arrest.

The photo itself shows a naked young man stood in front of the mirror.

Crucially, the face is obscured by the camera flash, but that didn’t stop fans from shrieking about the mop of brown curly hair and dog tag, similar to that which Styles has been seen wearing in the past.

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Lady GaGa: Wazzes In Bins

DULL people who blight this ailing planet of ours look at Lady GaGa like she’s the weirdest thing to ever walk the planet. Alas, they’ve never seen Grace Jones in a corrugated iron dress with a mad hat on, playing skiffle on her own boobs with hula-hooping for entire gigs while frightening everyone with that fixed snarl of hers.

That said, GaGa is obviously quirkier than your average popstar. Compare her to James Morrison. Exactly.

Away from the peculiar dresses and hatching out of eggs at award shows, Gaga also likes to pee in unusual places. Instead of running to the toilet during her shows, she relieves herself in the bins backstage.

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Posted: 21st, November 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Creepy Taylor Momsen Gets Women To Strip Off While She Gyrates On Stage (Video And Photos)

THERE are people in this world who just can’t get enough attention. They crave it so much that they’re prepared to fling away their dignity just so we take some notice of them. However, in the case of Taylor Momsen – star of Gossip Girl and now treading the sticky floors of various gig pits with The Pretty Reckless – she’s prepared to lose everyone else’s dignity too.

Momsen – who we must remember is a mere SEVENTEEN years old – is rather fond of getting her boobs out in an attempt to shock all concerned. At one show, she got her rack out while her mum was stood in the front row. Was mother dearest egging her on? Seeing as Momsen was a child-star (she was in The Grinch and was very nearly chosen for the lead role in Hannah Montana), there’s a strong chance she’s the kind of pushy mother who will do anything to have fame, vicariously.

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Posted: 11th, July 2011 | In: Key Posts, Music | Comment (1)

Lurker Of The Day: Man Wears Only A Sock To Be On Greek TV

LURKER of The Day is this chap on Greek TV who wants to appear on the magic box dressed only in a sock.

Ankle, knee or leg warmer, sir?

Note: the image looks like a trailer for the Brady Bunch home sex tape.

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Ohio Bans Naked Mannequins From Shop Windows

A MANNEQUIN named “Bar Be Q” is pulling in the punters at an Ohio barbecue shop. But near naked mannequins are not wanted. Cover up:

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Romain Mesnil Is The Naked Pole Vaulter

ROMAIN Mesnil, of France, won a silver medal at the 2007 Athletics World Championships in Osaka.

He was sponsored by Nike but that deal is done and he now has no sponsor. Will you sponsor him? Go on. Romain’s a laugh.

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Posted: 29th, March 2009 | In: Sports | Comments (3)

Strip A Child For World Nude Day

FEBRUARY 9 is World Nude Day. It is also UNICEF Day for Change:

Day for Change gives pupils the opportunity to wear what they want for the day in return for a small donation to UNICEF. In 2005, Day for Change focuses on the issue of food and nutrition in Ethiopia and Tajikistan.

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Naked Woman In Some Misdirected Leisure Activity

TO Micheldever station, Hampshire.

A man in camouflage clothing is standing by a woman who is tied to a  tree. The woman is naked.

It is 3pm.

Was it you?

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Posted: 3rd, November 2008 | In: Strange But True | Comments (11)