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Celebrity Big Brother: Natalie Cassidy and Michael Madsen star in Reservoir Dogs 2

CELEBRITY Big Brother highlight of the night: Natalie Cassidy sucks up to Michael Madsen,the actor whose career walked out the Reservoir Dogs premiere and slipped on a banana skin, (Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home), skidded on a turd (Species 2), fell belly first off a high diving board (Kill Bill: Vol 2) and landed face first in a custard pie (Piranhaconda, which, like Reservoir Dogs, has yet to have a sequel). Says Cassidy:

“I’d like to do a gritty drama with you, Michael. You’ve not seen my body of work.”

A body of wok that includes: EastEnders, followed by (sliiiiiiip!) Celebrity Driving School, Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up, Natalie Cassidy’s Diet Secrets (Shhh!), Celebrity Mastermind and Strictly Come Dancing.

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Natalie Cassidy: OK, All I Need For Christmas Is A Ho Ho Ho (No Pun Intended)

SKY News reported today on how a recent study has shown that “new mothers are turning to alcohol because they feel under pressure to be super Mums”. They didn’t actually say where the study came from which made me wonder if they just made it up or if the source of their story came from this week’s OK! magazine?

In an interview published in OK! today Natalie Cassidy talks of her use of alcohol while bringing up her daughter Eliza.

The clue to just how cheesy this interview gets comes in the main picture which shows Natalie taking a tray of freshly made mince pies from her grubby oven whilst perching ginger haired Eliza on her hip.

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Natalie Cassidy’s Twitter Row With Denise Van Outen: Mum-On-Mum Action

NATALIE Cassidy has a baby and a TV show called Natalie Cassidy: Becoming Mum. Natalie was chiefly famous for being on EastEnders and then embarking on a tabloid career as Fatalie Cassidy,willing  tabloid fodder who lost and gained weight whenever a story was needed.

Natalie is now famous for having had a baby. And she’s been rowing on Twitter with the very likable and talented Denise Van Outen, another jobbing celebrity mum.

When Denise had her baybee. Natalie opined:

“Denise van Outen went back to work after two weeks because she said she needed to feel normal again. I just think, ‘What have you had a child for? Having a child should be your job’”

Denise is watching Natalie on the telly. She goes on Twitter:

“Natalie Cassidy criticised me for going back to work after having Betsy. Natalie’s on Lorraine show now promoting her reality pregnancy/new mum show. Isn’t that work????”

No. That, Denise, is reality. DVO goes on:

“She said she did the show for money, so yes, that is work. Pot calling!!!!”

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EastEnders Star Natalie Cassidy’s Baby Weight Shocker

NATALIE Cassidy’s pregnancy occupies minds at Closer magazine, where the EastEnders actress follows her OK! tête-à-tête…

I hope people realise that I really do have better priorities than caring what they says about what I’m eating or wearing…”

…by telling us:

“I’m no showing yet – and because I’ve been up and down in weight I could have easily kept it a secret for longer. But I didn’t want people to think I was putting n weight again.”

Or as she told us earlier:

“I’m in magazines all the time and the stories are all about my weight. That’s just hurtful.”

So much for better priorities…

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The Natalie Cassidy Interview: Pregnancy, EastEnders And Adam Cottrell

EX-EastEnders’s actress Natalie Cassidy would like you to know that she is pregnant. It’s an OK! “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”.

We know Natalie is preggers because on the magazine’s cover she is cradling her tum-tums. This is either: a) evidence of an appendicitis; b) celebrity dieter Natalie trying to hide her weight; c) the actress pointing us towards her growing baby?

Behind Natalie stands Adam Cottrell, billed as “handsome” and “hunky”. Adam’s hands are also on Natalie’s tummy. A quick pull and Natalie’s last meal will pop up and her airwaves will be cleared. But this is no emergency procedure. This is a sign that “we” are pregnant.

Natalie says that we may be shocked at the news because “we haven’t really gone public with our relationship”.

Oh no?

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Natalie Cassidy’s Simplisitic Weight Watch With Charlotte Church

ok-cassidy-natalieIN this week’s OK!: Natalie Cassidy talks weight, Charlotte Church’s keep fit with kidz, The Saturday’s flakes and The Apprentice’s Alex Wotherpsoon ties the rings…

NATALIE Cassidy is using her outing on Strictly Come Dancing to tell OK! readers that if her lover of ten weeks asked her to marry her she’d say yes.

“One day I want a church wedding or a castle. It would be simplistic with not many people, just ones that mean a lot to us.”

Like Natalie’s old English teacher. Simples.

In other Fatalie Cassidy news.

NC: “I’m in magazines all the time and the stories are all about my weight. That’s just hurtful.”
OK!: “Are you hoping it [SCD] will help you lose weight?”
OK!: “Natalie vows: I’ll lose three stone on Strictly.”

Charlotte Church’s Weight

Says a friend:

“Charlotte is now a large size 12 but wants to get down to a size 10. If she does, she wants to do a workout video – but she’s told Gavin she’s happy to be a toned size 12.”

And what about that video – cue the Benny Hill theme tune?

“To be honest, I couldn’t; give a fuck what people think I look like. I didn’t have a personal trainer or anything, but running after the children keeps me trim.”

It’s a PG-rated work out video.

The Saturday’s Frankie Sandford:

“I always aim to have Brand Flakes with semi-skimmed milk for breakfast. Sometimes I have granary bread with butter and marmite. Or, if I’m in a rush, a banana.”


“I love popcorn, so it’s a bonus that it’s not very fattening.”

Alex Wotherspoon marries Hannah Robbins

Wotherspoon was last seen sloping off from Surr Alan Sugar’s office in The Apprentice. Now he’s married. And OK! looks on.

Wife Hannah “wears an unstated veil which covered her face”.

Which is traditional. She then lifts the veil to east Norwegian prawns with melon, followed by leg of lamb with seasonal vegetables and a stock of profiteroles to finish.

Leave room for the cake:

“Next came the cutting of the cake which again showed what an intensely personal and family orientated day this was, with the stunning ice tower being created by Hannah’s auntie.”

A word now from the happy couple:

Hannah: “… the wedding ring should be simple, understated and oure.”
Alex: “I designed mine myself. It’s just a band with a cross along it and a diamond in the middle. If we have children we will add an diamond every time.”


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Peter Andre “Cheated” On Katie Price

jordan-katie-price-peterIN Closer magazine, Jordan, aka Katie Price, tells one and all that pop acorn Peter Andre “CHEATED ON ME”.

“He planned to leave me ages ago,” says Jordan. “I should have trapped him with a baby.”

Peter Andre denies the allegations. And there is talk of Jordan “unravelling” – literally. In one phone call, Jordan is said to have yelled at Pete: “You’ve used me and spat me out.”

Well, would you swallow Jordan?

In other Closer news:

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