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The colours of blindness and love

When Ashley was blind, her nearest and dearest described colours to her like this:

Yellow. I didn’t touch anything for this, they just told me that whenever you laugh so hard you can’t stop, that that happiness is what yellow looks like.

Green. I held soft leaves and wet grass. They told me green felt like life. To this day it is still very much my favorite color.

Spitter: Kottke

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Watch a weird Roll Cloud float over Chicago

cloud chicago


Amy King was on the lakefront in Chicago to record this video of a cloud rolling in.

Meteorologist Cheryl Scott explains:

What is a Roll Cloud and how does it form? It’s a low, horizontal, tube-shaped cloud. It is formed by winds changing speed/direction when the air temperature reverses its state (resulting in warm air on top of cool air). The shear in the atmosphere sets up a rolling motion, think [of a] rolling pin used in a baking.

Spotter: v@kingartcollective

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The sublime beauty of ice braking up on Lake Superior near Duluth

Lake Superior near Duluth


On Lake Superior near Duluth, the thin ice is backing up. The effect is great. The noise of the ice cracking as it banks up is beautiful:

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Watch A Terrifying Amount Of Geese Nearly Fly Into Some Cackling Humans

YOU’VE heard of Sharknado? Well, how about a Geesenami? That’s right. Someone caught, on camera rather than ‘by hand’, hundreds and hundreds of geese in flight.

Of course, this sounds a bit tedious like Springwatch. However, these geese were sat toddling around, all sinister, and then took off across some school playing fields.

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Marriage proposal hit by massive wave (video)


ROMANCE. It doesn’t work. Kissing in the rain isn’t nice, it’s horrible. Rose petals on a bed? That’s just a load of decaying bits of flower that’ll need hoovering up. Chocolates give you diabetes and making love requires you to take clothes off your horrible string of sausages body.

One chap found out that romance is stupid when he took his loved one to the sea to pop the special question (please note: there is absolutely nothing special about getting married because any idiot can do it – it is less special than whistling because not everyone can do that). (Did she turn you down – ed?)

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Catfish strike knell for end of humans while eating birds out of water (video)

YOU may have heard the blues song which sings “I wish I was a catfish, swimming in the deep blue sea, I’d have all you pretty women, fishin’ after me.” A lovely, evocative image, right? Well, imagine if the song said: “I wish, I was a catfish, swimming in a grotty stream, I’d wriggle to the edge of the water and disgustingly catch pigeons with my teeth.

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Foxes soon to control London after mugging mother-of-two

LONDON is a place where human contact is at a minimum, with people crammed into steel cylinders, underground, hiding in their iPod earphones and Kindles, only to be spat out toward offices and silent commuting trudges. Fear and loathing grips the capital and on the blindside, while the middle classes coo at lidos and bicycles, and the working classes baulk at rent, the foxes are taking over.

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Blackbirds found blind drunk in playground

SOME young tearaway blackbirds found dead at a primary school in Cumbria, which doesn’t sound very funny. However, when you consider the fact that they were dead from alcohol poisoning, it suddenly feels more amusing.

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That Stupid Whale Tries To Make Friends With An Engine

EVER since that episode of The Simpsons aired, where dolphins started walking around and killing everyone, humans have had a very real fear of our sea-dwelling chums rising up and handing our arses to us in a lobster pot.

Or is that just us?

Either way, we needn’t worry because everything in the sea is so ridiculously dim, that we can have a great time polluting their habitat and harpooning them through the face without fear of repercussion.

Unless you count plankton. We don’t trust plankton one bit.

So what gave us the notion that the creatures of the sea are more stupid than a boxset of The Only Way Is Essex? Well, take whales. Whales seem pretty smart don’t they? They sing and have sonar. However, they also try to make friends with out-board engines on boats, to the point where they’ve actually bothered to learn how to do an impression of one.

Watch this video and sleep easier tonight, knowing that, while whales may resent us humans, they’ll be too busy trying to stir up a rebellion with inanimate objects.

The dicks.

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