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Life Imitates Seinfeld: Ne-Yo And Mary Hart’s Voices Can Give You Seizures


“I’LL be walking around the supermarket doing my food shopping and I have to put my earphones in to listen to my own music just in case it comes on,” says Zoe Fennessy, 26, of Nottinghamshire. Every time she hears singer Ne-Yo’s voice she suffers an epileptic seizure.

 “It’s the same with most shops. I have to walk in with my ear phones in at first just to make sure they don’t have Ne-Yo on. If he ever releases a greatest hits album it’s going to be a nightmare. Whenever I hear the first few beats of the song I have to drop whatever I am doing and run. People might think it is funny – and I can laugh at it myself – but it has taken over my life. It’s ruined my life.”

Zoe…had her first seizure on New Year’s Day in 2006 after a long period of sickness and doctors put it down to tiredness and stress. But when her seizures increased to six a DAY her GP booked her in for a brain test and doctors diagnosed her with epilepsy in 2008. But it wasn’t until she heard Ne-Yo’s ‘Give Me Everything’ featuring Pitbull – which topped the charts in May 2011 – that she had her first music-induced seizure.

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Posted: 14th, November 2014 | In: Strange But True | Comment