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Michael Jackson Bought Drugs As Jack London, Omar Arnold, Barack Obama And Pete Doherty

michael-jackson-drugsMICHAEL Jackson Watch: TMZ reports that Michael Jackson frequently used the names Omar Arnold and Jack London to get powerful drugs, including Demerol”.

Anorak hears rumours that Jackson also used the names Neda Soltan, Neda Soltani, Madeleine McCann, Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo (that enough?), Secret Sex Video, Angelina Jolie Naked (the SEO says keep going), Brad Pitt, Barack Obama and Prince Harry Windsor. (Enough, this isn’t the Liverpool Post, The Guardian or Habitat.)

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Neda Soltan Was Killed By Mossad And Michael Jackson’s Doctor

neda-ahmadinejadHONEST Reporting brings news that Neda Soltan – that’s Neda Soltani to you – was killed in suspicious circumstances. And you know who did it, don’t you? Michael Jackson’s doctor? No, it has to be the Jews – give it time:

Thank goodness Press TV clears away the hype and misinformation surrounding the death of Neda Soltan. According to Iranian state-run news channel:

The man who drove her to hospital said in an interview that her death looked “highly suspicious”, claiming there were no security forces or Basij members nearby… “

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Pictured: When Neda Soltan Met Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

neda-ahmadinejadANORAK’S man in a hotrod – Iowahawk – brings the world a shocking iamge of when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met Neda Soltan at the Iranian motor show.

Pictures Of Neda Soltan And Neda Soltani

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Habitat Introduces The Neda Soltan Twitter Picture Frame

neda-lightsMORE news on Habitat’s interesting use of Twitter and its efforts to ensure the people of Iran that whatever their troubles they can still get their hands on and “arch” Pack of 3 tea towels to help mop up all that blood.

Now Habitat is blaming an “overenthusiastic intern” for using online interest in Iran protests to promote their goods on Twitter. What you might call a company spammer:

“The hashtags were uploaded without Habitat’s authorisation by an overenthusiastic intern who did not fully understand the ramifications of his actions.”

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Caspian Makan On Girlfriend Neda Agha-Soltan’s Murder

neda-flowers-and-butterfilesNEDA Agha-Soltan‘s boyfriend, Caspian Makan, tells BBC Persian TV about her murder:

“She was near the area, a few streets away, from where the main protests were taking place, near the Amir-Abad area. She was with her music teacher, sitting in a car and stuck in traffic.

“She was feeling very tired and very hot. She got out of the car for just for a few minutes.

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