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How The Media Betrayed Neda Soltani

neda-soltaniNEDA Soltani is not dead. As Anorak told you, Neda Agha-Soltan is not Neda Soltani. For one thing Neda Soltan is dead – and Neda Soltani is not. (You can see the pictures here.)

The living Neda Soltani was disturbed to suddenly see her image being used everywhere, online, on television and in the press…

Because of the confusion, the ‘real’ Neda Soltani in the photo can no longer use her Facebook page or display her photo, and has fought an uphill battle trying to get individuals and the media to stop using it.

Here’s a list of people who in celebrating/ jumping on the bandwagon/ mourning the death of Neda Soltan renamed her Neda Soltani. Neda Soltan belongs to the media now, and so do Neda Soltani, Nada Agha Soltani and many others.

Pictures Of Neda Soltan And Neda Soltani

We are all Neda now…

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Posted: 24th, June 2009 | In: Reviews | Comment