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Pictures Of British Terrorist Neil Lewington’s Race War Kit

neil-lewington-faceNEIL Lewington faces lengthy jail time after being convicted of terrorism.

Neil Lewington was arrested by chance on a train on his way to strike his first blow in his racist war against the “non-British”.

Neil Lewington is a home-grown terrorist fond of a foreign ideology.

Neil Lewington defies racial profiling.

 The unemployed electrician was arrested at Lowestoft rail station in Suffolk on October 30 2008 after he had been spotted drinking and urinating in public.

He was searched and in his bag two firebombs were found.

At his home were found the “Waffen SS UK members’ handbook“.

His stash to use to cause death and injury is detailed hereunder. One questison: will all of these items now be banned from being carried on a train or bus?

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