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Never forget a face with a look-alike urn

WHEN a loved on dies don’t just cremate them and stick their ashes in any old urn. Stick them in an ornamental vase that looks like they did. Personal Cremation Urns for ashes delivers its “Never forget a face!” range of urn-alikes.

If your loved one was lacking in looks or power, why not stick them in a pot that looks llke your favourite sportsman or politician? Or why not have the last laugh and stick them inside the head of someone the deceased really loathed?!

Now we can create a custom cremation urn for ashes in the image of your loved one or favorite celebrity or hero, even President Obama!. Personal Urns for ashes combine art and the very latest in technology to create a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations. They are built from just one or two photographs of any persons face. They are made of a tough polymere compond and a solid marble base. This is the most heartwarming and special memorial product available anywhere – “A Personal Urn”.

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Posted: 31st, July 2012 | In: The Consumer | Comment