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An interview with Neville Thurlbeck: The NoW was all about human frailty

MADAME Arcati interviews the News of the World’s Neville Thurlbeck:

Isn’t he adorable? There’s something about Neville Thurlbeck that suspends all sensible judgement. He needs little introduction suffice to say that once upon a time he was news editor and chief reporter of the late News of the World before Hackgate blew up his award-winning career. To date he’s been arrested twice but not charged, the second time over something he wrote on his riveting blog. What’s Rebekah Brooks really like? When did he lose his virginity? Who should play Rupert Murdoch in Screws: The Musical? He kindly indulged me with answers, and then some.

MA: Neville Thurlbeck! Tabloid award-winning legend! I can’t believe I’m interacting with the man who enabled Jeffrey Archer to bring himself down, turned Max Mosley’s life into a national peep show and introduced us to the joys of Rebecca Loos. How much have you been offered for your memoirs? Tell me you’re writing your memoirs (I know a great agent, by the way). 
NT: First of all, before I answer your questions, please forgive me if I begin on a very serious note and say how very much I like the curtains in Madame Arcarti’s virtual boudoir. And I’m really rather envious of you having Molly Parkin as a fiancée too as she was quite a dish in the 1960s (and I’m sure she still is).
The memoirs business is something which does crop up frequently. But I can’t fathom who the blue blazers would be interested, apart from media types. It strikes me that it would be a heck of a lot of work to make about £62.50. I’ve been asked to get involved in all sorts of documentaries and drama docs too. But they all want me to pour a bucketload over my former colleagues. I respect them too much to do that. Even the odd one who I don’t care for I may criticise in private but never in public.

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