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Republicans wants rape victims who choose abortions jailed for ‘tampering with evidence’

BLOODY hell, New Mexico. In that corner of the land of the free, moves are being made to force rape victims to carry any resulting pregnancy full term. Abortion will be deemed “tampering with evidence”. If a mugger breaks your face, you should not keep it showing sings of brutality to please the judge when the trial comes up. In what demented mind is a pregnancy evidence of rape?

The bill is being brought by Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R).

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New Mexico Cop Caught Have Sex On The Job Was Already Dead, Says Daily Mail

THE copper caught shagging a woman over the bonnet of his car in New Mexico as a chihuahua looked on is called Bert Lopez. He’s been sacked for his over enthusiastic shake down – even though he committed no crime. However the  Daily Mail says the cavity searcher is named Burt Lopez – and he’s dead. Burt ‘Burton’ Lopez wes a Florida policemen who died in 2009.

Earlier in the day we brought you news of an apology in the Mail over its groundless claim that Vanessa Redgrave’s dad had been found in bed with her dad. Yeah – and he’s dead , too.

Has the Mail tired of reporting only on the sex lives of the living..?

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New Mexico Policeman Filmed Having Sex On Car: Chihuahua Looks On

KOB Eyewitness News 4, of New Mexico, has broadcast footage of a State Police officer having sex with a woman on the hood of a car. It is daylight. A chihuahua looks on. (Insert dogging joke here.)

The copper was captured by security camera at the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch. He is fully dressed. Who is he?

To date the police have refused to speak to the media.

Anorak also wonders if the chihuahua is standard police issue…?

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God The Blogger Posts Image Of Jesus On Woman’s Bathroom Wall

IN Belen, New Mexico, Danell Griego see the Virgin Mary marble above her bathtub. Forget the gold flecks, this is better: Says she:

“It startled me. It really did it startled me. It’s a gift from God.”

As gifts go a five-inch tall figure of the Virgin Mary looking down at baby Jesus wrapped in a blanket in her arms in your marble is pretty good. But it’s not exaclyt an iPad, is it?

“I kind of got a little bit scared and went running for my husband and kids and I was like, ‘Do you see this?'”

Story continues after gallery of Jesus:


Picture 1 of 52

JESUS of The Day belongs to young Austin Coleman, of Phoenix, Arizona. He found Jesus on his thumbprint. Says he: “I got a little freaked out.” Can you cope with the wonder...

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New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert Tries Out For Leeds United

IN the USA, football is women’s game, and anyone who says otherwise will be taken outside by New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert and have their ponytail pulled really hard.

Robbie Savage, you have been warned? Oh, where was Elizabeth Lambert when David Seaman’s mid-life crisis so desperately needed her?

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