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Greg Packer is Mr FIRST The iPad, Harry Potter, New York Giants Screamer

GREG Packer is the man at the head of the line to buy an iPad. Expects – get his – there’s no line. With his iPad, Mr Packer can list how many times he screams “FIRST” at a shop assistant.

Greg Pecker is Mr FIRST. His list of FIRSTS:

•The Super Bowl victory rally for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006
•The Super Bowl victory rally of the New York Giants
•The 2005 release of the novel Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
•Bill Clinton’s first book signing
•Greeting President George W. Bush after his inauguration

He at the Apple store in New York. Mr Pecker reminds Anorak of the time I, ahem, happened to be near Westminster Abbey for the big Princess Diana send off. A trip to the loos behind the Foreign Office and an overheard chat:

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Posted: 2nd, April 2010 | In: Technology | Comment