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Nick Clegg’s Speech In Full Wiv Da Lol Pitchurz

NICK Clegg’s Speech In Full:

TONIGHT the Liberal Democrat parliamentary party and the federal executive of Liberal Democrat party have overwhelmingly accepted my recommendation that we should now enter into a coalition government with the Conservative party.

Before I say anything more about that coalition government I would like to express my thanks and admiration for Gordon Brown. He has been a towering figure for more than a decade in British politics and the manner in which he has acted over the last few days has displayed immense dignity, grace and a profound sense of public duty.

We are now going to form a new government, more importantly we are going to form a new kind of government. I hope this is the start of the new politics I have always believed in: diverse, plural, when politicians of different persuasions come together to overcome their differences in order to deliver a good government for the sake of the whole country.

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Posted: 12th, May 2010 | In: Politicians | Comment