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No Point To The Big Brother Lust Triangle

PSST! Wanna see a short, sarcastic ginger bloke having sex with a drippy assisted blonde who likes to moan?

Stay tuned then, because the Star’s font page threatens: “BIG BROTHER REX’S SECRET SEX TAPE.”

Readers learn that viewers will soon be able to see “ALL” of the action that Big Brother cut from the show.

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Posted: 12th, September 2008 | In: Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comments (5)

War On Wannabe: Big Brother Chooses Its Biggest Weapon

HAVING survived the Hadron Collider (for now), we are now to endure the “WAR” of the Big Brother “BABES”.

For those of you who watched big Brother, it might come as some shock to know that it featured actual babes and not just the slappers ordinaire, of which reality TV has an endless vat.

But know that drippy blonde Nicole Cammack is a babe, and so too is radioactive Stephanie McMichael.

They are at “WAR”, as the Star’s front page screams, and the chosen weapon is Rex Newmark.

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Posted: 11th, September 2008 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comments (2)

Big Brother Slapper Hits Out

WHAT news of Rex Newmark, Stephanie McMichael and Nicole Cammack? Who they?

How soon you forget, gentle reader. They are the Big Brother stars of whom the Daily Star brings welcome news.

The good news is that all are alive and as well as can be expected. The other news is that Rex, a protean Diddy Hamilton meets Rick Astley, has “sensationally” spent the night with the aforesaid Steph, who looks not enough unlike a boil washed Sandra Bernhardt.

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